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There are currently at least four malicious servers trying to steal authentication keys. If your auth is suddenly refusing to work and/or you see “Unknown” in the server list instead of “FREEZE”, you probably have connected to one of those servers and downloaded at least one map. All those maps contain malicious code.
If you think you may be affected, delete all maps downloaded on September 14 or later and change your auth key. Downloading any maps from servers you don’t know well is discouraged until further notice.
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Account profile

FS H0i

Registered:January 30 2010
Level:level_blue FS artist
Notoriety:well known


Real name:Daniel
Country:nl Netherlands

Urban Terror Office:

  • Modeler
  • Texture Artist

  • H0i is a very talented 3D modeller with two years of experience with software such as Wings 3D, 3Ds max and Photoshop. He's a long time player of Quake 3 engine based shooters like Quake 3 and ET, and of course (for 99%) Urban Terror. Some time ago, H0i wondered how games are made, and he wanted to make his own game. Two years of 3d art later he has joined the Urban Terror Development team. He will be busy modeling many more weapons for Urban Terror in the time to come.


    Rcon owner of:Frozen Sand Dev Team
    Member of:Justice Team
    Friend of:TinyBomb, ESC-Novamania, Head Shots Only, Urban Mappers, Unity Servs


    Account:Dev Team - Profile


    Last web visit:2 days ago
    Last game:7 days ago
    Last server:[FS] Barbie's sandbox
    Total play time:46 h


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