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newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 6 - Red Dragons Team

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 10 August 2006 by FrozenSand
]The models have undergone many changes since the 1.27 days; we have had a few different models created for use in Urban Terror, while the skins have improved over the years. BotKiller originally used the base Quake III Sarge model, since it was the "most realistic" looking model that could be used. Freakstorm created a few different skins that would replace the default Sarge skin, prior to new models being created. As development continued, we did create a new male model, which was skinned by Freakstorm who created two military style skins that hit a highpoint during 1.27. But those skins would be rather short lived as development moved forward to Beta 2. During this development cycle, “skins were changed in almost every 2.x release,?? says BladeKiller. “People hated the 2.3 skins; they were good skins but a bit too dark for most gamers to see easily. Unfortunately...Miles skins were hard to see and tell apart although beautifully made,?? said BladeKiller.?? BladeKiller came aboard because of our modeler, Earthquake and together they created some great pieces! BladeKiller has been honing her artistic skills and creating skins for a few years now and the model skins have seen a huge improvement over the original skins. You can see the changes as the different versions were released. For the upcoming release we have spent time working on skins that would be visible to teammates and opponents, as well skins that would not get lost in the details and colors of any given level. As we debuted Monday, in The 27 Days of Terror: Day 3 - SWAT Team, the SWAT player skins were the first of two new skins to be used in Urban Terror. The other skin that was created to offset the SWAT Team is known as the Red Dragons. The skins are orange in color, as the male models are wearing prison jumpers, while their female counterpart is decked out in orange motorcycle leather. This completes a theme around our new model skins as the SWAT Team pursues the Red Dragons through many different locations in an attempt to apprehend them. Catchy, eh? As development continues, a development team needs to be looking ahead on how to improve on current assets. Many of those assets in Urban Terror, such as the models had been unchanged for a few years. As for the skins, BladeKiller has been continuously working on improving the overall look and style of the player skins.
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newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 5 - G36 & SPAS-12

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 09 August 2006 by FrozenSand
]The weapons have undergone considerable change since the early versions of Urban Terror. Originally, included with the mod were the HK G36, HK UMP45, SPAS-12, HK PSG1, Beretta 92FS and the knife. During early development most of the weapons were tested and tweaked by the development with very little input from the community. The result was somewhat unbalanced, with the SPAS-12 ungodly from all the way across the level, while the UMP45 reigned supreme as the weapon of choice during the 1.27 days.

Weapons would be drastically changed for the release of Beta 2. The development team would build on the current arsenal, adding the HK MP5K, Colt M4, HK G36 and the Remington SR-8 to Urban Terror. To go along with the new weapons, there were new challenges to implement the weapons in the game so there was no one dominate weapon. Although some would argue the SR-8 is dominate, having the ability to be a one shot, one kill weapon.

The final two weapons to be added to Urban Terror were the AK-103 and the LR-300 during Beta 2.6. Since that release, each new version has brought about changes in the amount of damage each weapon does. The development team never did release damage figures, which led the community to do their own testing.

For the upcoming release, the development team will be providing hard figures for each weapon. These weapons have undergone quite a bit of scrutiny from the Quality Assurance Team. Some of you might remember the server side pak file called ‘Gosu’ that modified weapon values. If there is one aspect of Urban Terror that has been tested again and again it’s the weapons.

Today we show off two newly skinned weapons for the upcoming release of Urban Terror. Neither the HK G36 nor the SPAS-12 models have been remodeled of modified. Each weapon has received a new skin. Since the sand colored G36 was not at big hit, its reverted back to a dull black courtesy of Bittar, while the SPAS-12 was skinned by Lt1.
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newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 4 - Level Overview Riyadh

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 08 August 2006 by FrozenSand
One level that has been a community favorite among CFTers was the release of Riyadh, created by .EXE for Beta 2.3, released August, 2001, nearly 4 years to the day! Since that time, the level has remained relatively unchanged. It did receive a minor update in 2002 for the release of Beta 2.6.

Riyadh is one of the few levels that were mirrored for game play, which might explain its popularity among Urban Terror leagues. Each outpost now has five different entry points, including a large, partially open main entrance, a main side entrance, two lower doorways and finally one new hallway that brings gamers in on the upper level.

Most gamers will immediately recognize the changes on Riyadh, which includes new buildings on each side of the level and some ruins, such as buried and broken walls placed on the center hill that divides the level in half.

I decided to add the new buildings to provide some cover for the spawns and interest to the map. I've played the map a lot and noticed how hard it is to get out of spawn once the opposing team has taken the hill so I added the buildings to give some cover on that side. I added the walls on top of the central hill to add some interest and cover up there,??? says BladeKiller.

The design changes, with the addition of the buildings will definitely added a new dimension to the playability of Riyadh. The sniper rifles were heavily used on Riyadh, so much so that is did turn some gamers off to this level. up to this version I did not like this map very everything has changed,??? says DarkDancer. He goes on to say, “the new buildings and the walls on the hill make this map much more playable for non-sniping guys like me.???

Frea]{ has similar thoughts, glad ut_riyadh received some work. It always was a fun and fast map in my opinion. The only problem was that it was easier for snipers than auto monkeys, but the few new buildings should help these to get through other side of the map more easily.???

Along with new buildings, the skybox and lighting has been changed as well, which makes Riyadh a great looking level. Take a tour through this desert oasis and don’t forget to pack your weapons.

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newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 3 - SWAT Team

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 07 August 2006 by FrozenSand
BladeKiller has put in literally thousands of hours over the years creating, modifying and completing reskinning the many of the models used in Urban Terror today. Like some assets, the models have remained unchanged since Urban Terror Beta 2.0, which was released June, 2001. Prior to that release, the models that were included were the original models from out inaugural release August, 2000.

For the new release, the male and female models have been built from scratch, started by CGMonkey and finished by BladeKiller. We will get into the model details in a future update [yes, that means you must wait some more...patience young grasshopper], when we talk about their development and animation.

Today we bring you the first in a series of screenshots that intend to bring out the culmination of the time and effort to create the new skins that will be included in the upcoming release. “I tried a lot of things before settling on this “theme??? including camouflaged pants and then camouflaged vests, and then 27 asked for a Kill Bill outfit for the Red Team females. Yellow didn't look good though so I changed it to red, from that came the idea of the Red Dragons and the males in orange prison garb and that prompted the blue team as SWAT and a theme was born,??? says BladeKiller.

One of the big complaints from the community has been the visibility of opposing players, depending on the skins we previously had. Beta 2 brought the idea of leg and arm bands, which would increase the visibility issue and you would be able to pick out your teammates easier. Skins were continually updated and changed throughout the 2.x development cycle. The bands were finally removed prior to 3.0 in lieu of new skins, again created by BladeKiller.

So, with visibility in mind, BladeKiller took to creating new skins for the upcoming release, with input and ideas spawning from the Quality Assurance Team. “Brolly helped with the idea of the dark vests and Hybridesque with the idea of using black for the red males to go with the orange instead of brown, like I was trying, and Tango for being blind and not being able to see the first skins I tried with the old models which propelled a lot of this.???

Comments from around the Quality Assurance Team are rather positive. “Visibility seems good on the maps I tried (casa/turnpike/austria) and I think they look pretty good. I hope other people will feel the same,??? says woekele. Snoppis chimes in with, “What can I say, they are extremely good looking i never thought they could look so good.??? BladeKiller was continually looking for input throughout the design process to make sure we did not run into visibility issues. Finally, Hybridesque sums it up with, “[the models/skins] are light years from the old Athena [they were so archaic]...was nice to watch BladeKiller develop those skins.???
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newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 2 - Community Expectations

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Sunday, 06 August 2006 by FrozenSand
The development team holds close ties with their community since the beginning of Urban Terror back in 2000. During that time we have listened to suggestions, feedback and criticism from the community that has made Urban Terror what it is today.

We know that anticipation and excitement runs high as the development team and community gear up for a new version to be released. Sometimes that anticipation has paid off with a great release, while other times frustration quickly set in upon release due to a missed bug or some sort of niggle [that is coder speak] that should have been resolved prior to release.

This upcoming release is one of the most highly anticipated releases based strictly on the amount of time the development team has spent refining and updating the current version [3.7] you are playing online.

For months many gamers have been speculating on the release, while others have quit asking and some have taken the "it's done, when it's done" approach. Hmmm, who coined that phrase? A day does not go by the question is not asked, “When is Urban Terror being released????
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newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 1

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 05 August 2006 by FrozenSand
Today begins the first of twenty-seven updates in the development of the new version of Urban Terror as we close in on the actual release. While it has been over a year since the last release, v3.7, much has transpired since that time. Rehashing some of the old news, we made a few announcements about converting the mod to RtCW:ET, which was cancelled by the development team. Prior to that we incorporated as a legitimate business, while Silicon Ice Development may live on in our memories, the development team became officially known as Frozen Sand, LLC. We spent about 12 months working on a playable demo that we showed off to some in the industry who provided input and feedback.

We did take a considerable amount of time off from any sort of development from Urban Terror. When we made the decision to move forward with a new release [you know it as 3.8], it was originally intended to be a small patch in order to fix some minor issues and provide an update to some of the current levels. Tub has spent a goodly amount of time updating his levels and instead of letting them go to waste we decided this would form the basis of our release. As usually happens with any update, minor changes are added, other levels are modified, models are tweaked, code is changed. Before you know it that \"small patch\" has suddenly turned into a full blown, major release. That is where we currently are on this current development cycle.

This release is going to be a whole lot more than \"just a step\" from 3.7 to 3.8. We are fully aware the community has been yearning to play a new version of Urban Terror for some time, an early or incomplete release would not have satisfied given the amount of time that had passed. I am sure some updated levels would have pleased Team Survivor and Capture the Flag players to some extent, but to the development team there would not have been closure on the mod. It is rare to see any development last that long on a single game on a dedicated engine.

While the development team has been streamlined, we do have some very dedicated individuals working to make this release happen. Even though the [development team] players have changed over the years, the game has stayed the same. We know our roots; gamers want to experience that fast paced action Quake III Arena is known for. People like TwentySeven, Bladekiller, RabidCow, HighSea, Lt1, |NV|S, Riche and ShminkyBoy, just to name a few have put forth great effort, long hours and sacrifice to complete this upcoming release.

Over the next 27 days you will see the fruits of our labor as we prepare for the release of Urban Terror. You will be given a look at the models, levels, weapons and other \"features and goodies\" that have been included during this development cycle, along with video shorts of the new Urban Terror. We will talk to the development team, along with some community supporters and people involved in leagues such as Clanbase and STA.

We look forward to providing this information and media to those in the community who have continued to stand by the development team and support the game they love to play, Urban Terror.
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newspaper Upgraded

bullet_none in Website & Forum - posted Wednesday, 02 August 2006 by FrozenSand
For those who visit on a regular basis to see the latest news and information, thank you for your support. It has been very quiet recently. Okay maybe a bit longer than recently. Consider that the "calm before the storm" as there will be new material posted later this week, as the new version is coming together quickly. Before you know it, you will be downloading the newest version and fragging for hours.

The development team does want to thank Ghozt who continues to maintain and update the forums, along with a slick design from illogical and our two Admins, Kr0m and Preat, things are moving along nicely. We also want to pay hommage to MidgetKiller who recently took the web site down for some work and to upgrade the site. Both the forums and web site are back up and online, better than ever.

As for what we have planned. Well, glad you keep asking because the new version of Urban Terror does exist and is playable. So we can put all those "it will never come out" comments to rest and look forward to what the new version will bring about. There are still gamers who have a great time playing, as we approach our 6th year working on Urban Terror. The day prior to, or the day of we will have a dedicated Urban Radio show, going back over the previous years and look forward and see what is in store for the development team.

We still have good support from web sites and leagues, such as STA and Clanbase, so look forward to an upcoming league featuring the new version of Urban Terror (sigh of relief). While it is never too early, if you have massive bandwidth and are interested in hosting the files for release day, e-mail oswald @

More screenshots and information....stay tuned!
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newspaper Friday Night Fights. Go Ballz Deep!

bullet_none in Leagues - posted Thursday, 01 June 2006 by FrozenSand
I want to personally thank Headshot for extending the invitation to join in the Friday Night Fight! last week. I do believe everyone who played had a great time playing CTF on some of the classic Urban Terror levels such as, Turnpike, Casa, Austria, Proving Grounds and more! If you "got da ballz" Friday is coming quick. Join BD Clan and gamers of all calibers from the Urban Terror Community as we all "go ballz deep" for some Urban Terror CTF action. The first 12 gamers are guaranteed a slot, signups will take place all day Friday, so don't forget to register. The game server and TS info is available on the BD-FNF web site. Join #bd for more information.
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newspaper Showing Off the FRO!

bullet_none in Media - posted Thursday, 01 June 2006 by FrozenSand
A bit late on the "official" opening of the new look FROservers, but J0E and Preat are sporting a new look "fro." The continue to provide some outstanding support to Urban Terror. "We are back with a new website and a fresh database based on a new improved engine. We decided to clean out all the old stuff including all our users to get a fresh start," says J0E. Like the mod, it cannot continue to thrive [or is that survive] without YOUR support. So go get your fro on at FROservers and let the guys know what you think. The development team is glad to see support sites for the game. Thanks a million to everyone who continues to play Urban Terror. And yes, 3.8 is nearly completely!
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newspaper Friday Night Fights. Do You Got Ballz?

bullet_none in Leagues - posted Monday, 22 May 2006 by FrozenSand
We had a test last night, to see how an organized Friday Night Fights would go. It was a spur of the moment thing. We did manage to get enough people together to have a few good rounds of play. I'm sure it would have done better if it was organized sooner. After seeing the turnout we got this week, there is a good possibility that we will have them again.

This from Headshot of Ballz Deep #bd on ETG. Join Ballz Deep Clan this coming Friday for Friday Night Fights.

In case you weren't around last night for the fights. It was a very simple setup. People registered for a two map round. Then everyone got on teamspeak and we chose two captains who then picked the teams. Playground sports pick style. There were 3 rounds, each starting at the top of an hour. Each map would be 20 minutes long, with a 10 minute break in between to talk strategies or the usual piss, smoke or food break. As it turned out last night, we used it to add a couple more players to each team. All the action is scheduled to take place Friday, May 26 beginning at 6PST/9EST. There will be 16 slots for each round. The first 12 are guaranteed a spot. The extras will be in case someone doesn't show, or we decide to go 7v7 or 8v8. For sign ups and more information visit the BD Friday Night Fights page. Spread 'em bioyach. We're going ballz deep!
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