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4.3 Release Notes

4.3.1 Changelog

• Fixed the FPS drops / lag issue #334
• Slightly improved engine performances on Windows
• Fixed Ghosttown, Paris, Mykonos appearing as 3rd party maps in the server browser #296
• Added instagib to server_example.cfg #342

4.3.0 Changelog

• New gametype: Gun Game (g_gametype 11)
• New game mode: Instagib (affects all gametypes with the cvar g_instagib 1|0 (1=on, 0=off))
• New gear menus
• New weapons: FR-F1, P90, Magnum, Benelli
• Unlocked sv_fps and snaps (range: 20 - 125, default: 60)
• Updated AK103 bullet description
• Added kill assists in team gametypes
• Added silent ladder walking (hold your walk key while climbing ladders)
• Hid the "ut4_" prefix in the server list for map names
• Adjusted weapon/item drop velocities (they drop towards where you aim rather than from your groin all the time)
• Added ut_echo $cvar substitution
• Added cg_chatBG (0 - light, 1 - dark, 2 - dependent on speed)
• Added cg_chatOrder (1 - messages are displayed from top to bottom, 2 - from bottom to top)
• Updated console design
• Added console tabs
• Added cg_radioPos (0 - normal, 1 - directional, 2 - directional + distance like the player is yelling)
• Added support for choosing no primary weapon (it was possible before if you edited the 'gear' cvar)
• Added ammo colours
• Added centered team scores (cg_drawTeamScores 2)
• Added movement keypress overlay: cg_drawKeys (1 - visible only when in spectator, 2 - always visible)
• Fixed defusers appearing dead on the miniscoreboard #191
• Fixed some issues with the /me command
• Fixed unknown values for $crosshair #185
• Fixed player name colouring in FFA #192
• Fixed cooked grenades being fired and dropped on death
• Cleared filter bar on connect #178
• Fixed stamina drain on ladder sprinting #188
• Blocked multiple flags from being taken by the same player
• Fixed use key pickup not working on some maps #135
• Fixed the ability to boot another player while holding the jump key despite being on the ground

• New: admins can perform rcon commands directly from the in-game chat box without having to know the rcon password. Everything is handled by the auth system. Documentation incoming.
• New: auth-unban rcon command. AccountUnban in the server logs
• Fixed the Benelli and the P90 looking too small
• Fixed the missing TOD50 skin and icons
• Tweaked the P90: less damage, more accuracy
• Disabled the countdown sound by default
• Gun Game: added a mandatory helmet to everyone
• Gun Game: added the weapons introduced in 4.3
• Gun Game: fixed the level randomly showing 0/16 on the HUD
• Gun Game: latched the cvar g_hardcore (needs a reload to be applied)
• Gun Game: added the player's level to the scoreboard, and players are now sorted by their level
• Gun Game: fixed being downgraded 2 levels when booted or killed with a knife
• Gun Game: fixed earning a level when killing yourself with the HK69. Downgrades a level instead

• Weapons: SR8 - tweaked damages (%): (Groin, Butt) from (97, 90) to (100, 97)
• Weapons: FR-F1 - tweaked damages (%): (Groin, Butt) from (70, 70) to (77, 74)
• Weapons: PSG1 - tweaked damages (%): (Groin, Butt) from (70, 70) to (75, 70)
• Weapons: M4A1, LR300, G36 - tweaked damages (%): (Groin, Butt) from (37, 33) to (33, 31)
• Weapons: DE - tweaked damages (%): (Groin, Butt) from (45, 41) to (42, 40)
• Weapons: MP5K - tweaked damages (%): (Groin, Butt) from (25, 22) to (24, 22)
• Weapons: UMP45 - tweaked damages (%): (Groin, Butt) from (36, 32) to (33, 31)
• Weapons: AK103 - tweaked damages (%): (Groin, Butt) from (41, 34) to (39, 35)
• Weapons: Negev - tweaked damages (%): (Groin, Butt) from (25, 22) to (24, 22)
• Weapons: Beretta - tweaked damages (%): (Groin) from 25 to 24
• Weapons: reduced P90's muzzle flash #219
• Weapons: added back the P90 as a secondary weapon
• Weapons: tweaked P90's damages, spread and recoil
• Weapons: tweaked Magnum's damages
• Gear menu: added a "close" button at the bottom-right corner
• Gear menu: swapped the "secondary weapon" and "grenade" boxes
• Gear menu: fixed a crash when trying to select a secondary weapon while having no primary weapon #221
• Gear menu: fixed P90 being selected as primary disabling the Benelli as a secondary #229
• Gear menu: fixed being able to have no items at all. Also fixed a bug where your whole gear would reset if you clicked somewhere outside the list of weapons on the menu. #213
• Gun Game: added a smooth transition between weapons when leveling up
• Gun Game: fixed knife kill not demoting a level #225
• Gun Game: fixed the gametype showing up as "UNKNOWN" in the server browser #215
• Gun Game: fixed having a delay before being able to shoot after a level up #224
• Gun Game: added more ammo to the HK69 in hardcore mode
• Instagib: fixed TOD50's positioning #216
• Instagib: removed the movement penalty indicator for the TOD50 #216
• Instagib: the TOD50 now has infinite ammo #216
• Instagib: showing the number of bullets in red if the weapon isn't ready
• UI: capitalized prefix-less map names in the server browser #215
• UI: added cg_scopeFRF1 to customize FRF1's scope type #232
• UI: Added the ability to use custom crosshairs
• Chat: added /map and /devmap to the auth-rcon commands
• Chat: fixed a buffer overflow on /me and /chat messages #210
• Rcon: new command: forceall <team> <destination> to force all players from a team to join another team
• Rcon: new command: kickall <team> <reason> to mass kick teams or all players from a server
• Rcon: extended the players command with more information
• Misc: Removed the "missing sound" beep #246
• Misc: If dmaHD is disabled, don't show its settings #245
• Misc: Added a 'Device' menu setting. #245
• Misc: Updated the credits menus #205
• Misc: repackaged the game

• Menus: gear selection menus overhaul
• Weapons: New sounds for the following weapons: Magnum, Benelli, Colt 1911, FR-F1, Mac 11, P90 and PSG1
• Weapons: fixed the reflection on the scopes of the FR-F1, SR8 and PSG1
• Weapons: fixed the "empty ammo" sound not being triggered #256
• Match mode: fixed substitute status not being applied consistently after a map change #6
• Server: fixed not being able to change g_gravity's value through the mapcycle.cfg file #263
• Bots: fixed bots shooting at dead players #242
• Engine: use libcurl version 4 by default instead of v3
• Misc: new blue/red/neutral flag designs
• Misc: fixed tag goggles overlay not being visible to spectators. #262
• Misc: fixed team chat not working #265
• Misc: fixed custom func_wall / func_rotating_door not working properly in LMS gametype #259
• Misc: defaulted sv_floodprotect to 2

• Gameplay: fixed incorrect assists counting #271
• Maps: added ut4_mykonos_a17 and ut4_paris to the official pk3
• Maps: removed AbbeyCTF, Ambush, Commune, Company, Crossing, Harbortown, Horror, Maya, Prague_v2, Snoppis, Toxic and Tunis from the game pack.
• Engine: added 64bit support on OSX. Removed 32bit builds (< OSX 10.6) #52
• Engine: added OpenBSD support #51
• Engine: added r_noborder to remove the game's window borders #283
• Engine: added r_centerWindow to center the window when not in full screen. Defaulted to 1. When set to 0 with r_noborder, use vid_xpos and vid_ypos to set your window in a custom position
• Engine: fixed chat messages disappearing when being sent at the moment of your death #261
• Engine: added the ability to switch between console tabs with MOUSE1 (next tab) and MOUSE2 (prev tab)
• Engine: fixed bots using slots reserved for private clients
• Weapons: DE: butt -2pts of damage
• Weapons: Beretta: updated full damage table
• Weapons: Negev & M4A1 & LR300 & AK103 & G36: updated groin/butt damages
• Weapons: SR8 & PSG1 & Knife: updated damage table
• Weapons: COLT1911: reduced recoil. Torso/Vest +3pts of damage
• Weapons: Glock: updated full damage table
• Weapons: Mac 11: updated full damage table. Increased the fire rate a bit
• Weapons: FN P90: updated full damage table
• Weapons: FR-F1: updated full damage table
• UI: added a box on the main menu to display announcements
• UI: fixed the server browser displaying the wrong number of bots #273
• UI: fixed the gear getting reset when switching to the team selection menu #272
• UI: new controls menu dedicated to item binds (drop kevlar, drop flag, toggle laser, toggle nvg) #264
• UI: hide the team select buttons in non team gamemodes #275
• UI: fixed the Benelli icon overlapping its box in the gear selection menu #282
• UI: added cg_autopickup to options #252
• Gun Game: show the winner on the scoreboard at the end of the game #274
• InstaGib: added a callvote option to set g_instagib
• InstaGib: disabled in Jump Mode and Gun Game
• Misc: fixed hands and gun models glitching out when repeatedly setting cg_fov to an incorrect value #291
• Misc: fixed an issue with ut_weaptoggle when holding two secondary weapons #290

• Gameplay: fixed a regression with ut_weaptoggle #297
• Instagib: fixed random client crashes when playing INSTAGIB #234
• Instagib: fixed TOD50's odd recoil movement. #316
• Instagib: fixed being able to switch/drop the TOD50 before its cooldown end time #322
• Engine: swapped MOUSE1 and MOUSE2 for the console tabs switch
• Engine: fixed in_mouse 1 not toggling console tabs
• Weapons: fixed some fps drops due to high poly LODs of the benelli and the p90

Many thanks to JrandomNoob for his stupendous contribution on many of the features!

UrTUpdater Changelog

fixed download issues with bad internet connections
fixed the md5 mismatch issue
fixed the issues with OSX 10.9 / OSX 10.10
fixed the window freeze when checking the md5sum
fixed the engine files not being checked for update
statically linked builds, it means that you can get rid of all the .dll, only the .exe is needed now
at the first launch of the updater, it tells you where the game will be installed
can't install the game inside of .dmg files on OSX
settings menu on which you can:
-- select a mirror server for the downloads depending on your location
-- select the engine that you want to run. Once selected, the Updater will always update the engine by itself if it finds a new version. We'll try to provide latest versions of some popular 4.2 engines (r00t, p5yco...). Feel free to contact me to add your engine to the list
-- select the version that you want to download (latest one only atm)
-- select your update preferences: auto-update at Updater's launch or ask before updating
now having to accept the Q3 SDK license only once at the first launch of the Updater
the Updater downloads only the files needed for your platform / arch
latest news displayed on the Updater, important ones in orange or red
new "global progress" download bar
showing the total amount of MB remaining
new "Changelog" button
New Updater for dedicated server (bash script)

Many thanks to t3slider for his awesome contribution!
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