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Posted 08 April 2004 - 11:12 PM

As many of you may know, I'm working on ut_superman, an incredibly expansive urban terror map.

In this map, I intend to have many areas that have breakable structures, etc. To get an idea of the scale of the amount of breakables I'm considering, imagine a 20 story building, all glass panels in front of it, each breakable. Add to this breakables for different pavements, concrete structures, and others. You'll find that there is a lot of breakable action going on.

Why? People like to break stuff. When things break, players get excited. So, I intend to use this function to the fullest. I'd like to know what the limits are for Q3:UrT and ET:UrT. I'd like to know what effect breakables have on the server and client, what kind of resources breakable objects take, and any related information that would help in the design of my map.

I'd also like to know your thoughts on using breakables as a gameplay item, such as having to destroy a wall to move to another area. I understand that for something like my wall example, it is more suited to a single player environment... however even in a multiplayer environment each player does play a role, and so to add those extra niches for individuals to experience would seem like an added plus.

Take into consideration the wood floor in a building in ut_zero. It looks normal but you'll break through after a while of standing on it. When I first personally experienced that, I thought it was a really clever addition to the map. My teammate that was standing next to me was equally surprised.

So any information that you can share about func_breakable is very much appreciated!

FSK405 a wily duck

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Posted 08 April 2004 - 11:18 PM

Lots of breakables is a bad idea.

Q3 requires each breakable to be a brush-model - or "bmodel".

Bmodels are slow because they're a special case for the collision detection engine. They cause alot of cpu overhead on clients, esp. as your ping gets higher.

Its why maps like laneway2 and mines used to have some real performance issues; Way too many bmodels.

we do some UrT specific code to try and optimize away bmodels you arnt in the vicinity of, but try and keep it to about 8-16 bmodels per PVS imho

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Posted 15 April 2004 - 11:46 PM

look at toxic2 with all the breakable glass. probably about 30 or 40 windows in one area. it is easily one of the best looking maps, but it rapes framerates. definitely not worth it. maybe having 1 or 2 in a map is allright, but more than 10 can kill even the fastest computer.

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Posted 21 April 2004 - 08:31 PM

Also, there is an actual limit on the number of breakables, or at least entities (I forget). From the sounds of what you are planning, you will exceed the limit. I can't remember the exact details, I wish I could, sorry.

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