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Some things to say.....about SID, UrT etc.

#1 User is offline   lachesis (old) Icon

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Posted 12 September 2004 - 09:36 PM

I’m writing this now as I am downloading UrT 3.7 after having it (and Q3A) uninstalled for the last four months since my vid card exploded. The following are just my opinions and don’t reflect anyone else’s. I’m not really bothered about getting replies either because I just want to get this off my chest.

Before I left UrT a while back, I had just trialled to get into |HSO| clan which I did. Although a lot of the interaction and trials were done through UrT it was mainly for UT2K4 they were trialling, with the MSUC coming up and promising a lot of really good mods.

Gradually as the deadlines came closer and betas were released (17 @ last count I think), we sort of faded from UrT (as far as I know currently active are Joker, Flink, Tetrahydro, Assassin, Willyboy and prob a few others). I left UrT @ release 3.6 to pursue all the betas that were coming out with the other guys (we are a multi-gaming clan after all). Now, after having been away for months on end – heres my verdict:

I have really missed UrT, in a sense that although I’ve been playing interactively other games with members of the clan and still had fun, I have missed the actual GAME. A number of other people followed us including autoaim.cfg, pyranwolf and Aard. The main mod we were trying to transit over to was called SAS (www.sas.jolt.co.uk). This has also faded now and although fun is a little slow paced and has a dwindling community.

I/We’ve tried countless other games like World of Pirates, Red Orchestra, Neo-Tokyo, Joint-Ops, SAS, Clone Bandits and slowly nothing – just getting into TeamSpeak and chatting about stuff, and just firing a game up so it’s not just a case of sitting @ a PC talking. Don’t get me wrong all of them games are fun in their own right and with some people also having stuff like Desert Combat we’ve managed to tick over. But slowly people are separating into small factions – not everyone can afford retail games every month or so.

I remember when I could get up on Sat morning and then all day there’d be like 80% of the clan in there for the whole day – disappearing only for something to eat etc. Of course things are wrong with the engine and the ‘netcode’, theres no game out there that is perfect – check the forums of any mod.

It’s what the developers do that matters – as far as I am concerned UrT is a fantastic piece of work, not just that the mod has been around for so long but the bugs have been ironed out. SID have added/subtracted things from the game which you have requested back or left out. However, there comes a point when you have to say that ‘..we never intended to create that feature and it won’t bring anything major to the game…so we won’t do it…’, and I feel that is fair.

I’m not a SID ass-kisser, but you have to give credit where it’s due, this mod has got me shunning graphically superior mods and better engines because it’s such a good game. Perhaps you don’t appreciate this because you only bought quake 3 for like £8. My advice is to go spend like £80 on three retail games and see if any of them have a mod that keeps you interested.

I’ve even been finding myself looking forward to the half life 2 release to play CS:Source – the beta looks promising but most of it’s eye candy, and although ET is another old(er) engine, I think the improvements will be pretty obvious and I am still looking forward to that more than HL2.

What am I trying to say? I’m not even sure myself, before I downloaded 3.7 again – I visited these forums frequently to sense the mood of the community – a lot seems to have fallen away which is sad, but maybe there also looking for something I was too. And if they are, they too will realise soon that the search will be fruitless and it won’t be long before the community starts to increase again.

Are SID to be blamed? Yes, but not in the way the majority of most of you seem to be. They are to be blamed for announcing a port too early, of announcing that there would be no more updates after 3.7, after this a lot of the community were under the impression that they’d take a two/three month break (me included) and come back for the ET port, which sadly still hasn’t happened.

And now with the community (supposedly) dying and every thread suggesting how to make the game better, or people bitching about netcode (which I have no problems with – lag will always be apparent), they must be wondering why make the port? And the answer is simple; because UrT deserves a final release, a culmination of hard work and a diehard community that have become disillusioned over time – it would be the perfect way to sat goodbye: to each other.

I look forward to playing again (probably getting 0wned for the first couple of days while I get used to the pace again), and maybe I’ll see you about on some servers.

So let's get behind SID and let them see that the community really deserves a final release. I'm not asking for you to love them - but at least respect them for the hard work and dedication they have shown for this mod.

Cheers and goodnight all. (BTW, download just finished :-D)

#2 User is offline   HELSEN (old) Icon

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Posted 12 September 2004 - 10:07 PM

Posted Image

Nothing else left to say

Greetings Avatar

#3 User is offline   HoboHumpinSlut (old) Icon

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Posted 12 September 2004 - 10:17 PM

nice post. and true.

i tried several games and mods now as well. none of them come even close to urban terror. UrT is just what it promises: 'where quake meets reality'. and that is exactly what i like. a fast-paced realism-based team shooter. vanilla Q3 and UT2k4 are too futuristic for me. most realism-based mods are just damn slow. the same holds for the other games i tried.
i hope buying UT2k4 will pay off someday. (got it for 25 euros) but as it seems now, this might not happen.

i for myself am too bored of UrT. but that is due to the maps being played, not the people nor the game. hopefully this will change soonish.

lachesis, playing UrT is like riding bicycle. it might feel strange after not doing it for some time, but soonish it will feel like you never made a break.

#4 User is offline   iddqd (old) Icon

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Posted 12 September 2004 - 10:30 PM

I like this game because it's somehow a lot like matrix. You can move impossibly fast, jump impossibly high and impossibly far. And now there's walljumping. And to take out the only bad point, you don't die from a single bullet.

All while using real weapons, and not ones that flash purple and shoot laser beams.

#5 User is offline   illogical Icon

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Posted 12 September 2004 - 10:35 PM

Let's see here, what games do I play... Urban Terror, Unreal Tourney 2004, Call of Duty, Doom III, and recently the World of Warcraft Beta. Out of all of these, Urban Terror has the best community, and is something I value highly. I've gone on my breaks from the game, always coming back enjoying it more than before. So welcome back lachesis, enjoy your stay ;-)

#6 User is offline   A C E .....hole (old) Icon

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Posted 13 September 2004 - 03:13 AM

Lachesis.....Havent encountered you but after I read your post......agreed.

Hobo.....Played Map-depot.com server last night and it was all 3rd party new maps -- check it out --- refreshing, challenging, and a hell of a lot of fun.

#7 User is offline   autoaim.cfg (old) Icon

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Posted 13 September 2004 - 07:56 AM

Yes, lachesis, I know that feeling. It's strange but it's a 50/50 situation with the game being one part and the entire community another. Hell, after 3 years you really feel like you know these asshats. It's not like you join a server and play some game... it's like you hang out with a bunch of friends. So you keep coming back, even after you've played abbey for the 9.999.999th time.

We have been exploring the UT2k4 mods too. Well, the mods are indeed the reason anyone should get that game. If you are going to get another retail game then UT2k4 would be my recommendation. As for mods to fill the UrT shaped hole in UT2k4 there are several that are nice: Frag Ops is the largest one and rather polished. Majestic 12 is going to become a really really nice UrTesque mod too in a few releases. ActionUT is pretty much action quake for UT which of course means that it's nice, but that's pretty alpha still. And then there is Hackerz which I have not tried yet, but is hailed as a rather neat mod as well. And if you dont want to limit yourself to UrT-like mods then the options are endless. Troopers, is a mod set in the Star Wars universe, play as a rebel or a stormtrooper. Red Orchestra is a WWII mod, but that's a tad slow and campy for my taste. Anyhoo, there are tons of high quality mods for UT2k4. Google "make something unreal" and check out the MSU competition. The Phase IV of the compo closed last friday, so we are expecting the Phase IV winners to be announced soon. I cannot wait to explore the FPS category winners.

#8 User is offline   HoboHumpinSlut (old) Icon

  • Joined: 07-February 04
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Posted 13 September 2004 - 10:59 AM

[quote name='"A C E .....hole"]Hobo.....Played Map-depot.com server last night and it was all 3rd party new maps -- check it out --- refreshing' date=' challenging, and a hell of a lot of fun.[/quote']
i know, i know (ping >150). i play on FSK a lot (when most euros are asleep already). still, if i want maps other than then 5 overplayed ones, then i got to join some 'special' server and that sucks. not even to mention that if you want to play bomb you gotta search really hard to find a server. and those tend to be empty most of the time.

#9 Guest_Yargy Garvin

Posted 16 September 2004 - 12:09 AM

I agree with the point that the main maps with Urban Terror are getting annoying. I have found myself searching ASE for 3rd party maps or ones that often don't get to see the light of day.

As for Urban Terror as a whole. If it was a retail game not a MOD. I would damn well purchase it without the blink of an eye.

#10 Guest_[PoD]Addicted

Posted 16 September 2004 - 03:55 AM

my 2 cents

The best damn game I never had to buy

I have bfvn, ut2004, doom3,

I had COD for like a month

I subscribe to Planetside!!!!

I dont play them

I always come back to this because it is the most fun

although that Fall of Nations is gettin pretty fun :P

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