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List of Bugs and good Suggestions Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 30 May 2010 - 05:25 PM

This topic is locked to keep it clean. Discussion thread (adding/removing/changing things from the list) is here: http://forums.urbant...ist-discussion/
Feel free to post in the discussion thread.

------- Bugs And strange behaviour:

- Timeout related:
  • Spawns waves messed up after a timeout
  • Senseless remaining time when you join a game during a timeout
  • Hot potato time continues to pass during a timeout
  • Same for nades delay
  • When a timeout is called and active, the reload animation will continue during the timeout and actually gives you a fully reloaded weapon when the game resumes. This is in contrary with the rest of the 'game world' which it's frozen (like a grenade floating in mid air in front of your face :dry: )
  • /timeout in the water makes you drown
  • During a timeout, players get their stamina back [seems random].

- Matchmode related:
  • Demo auto-recoding doesn't work if you join a game after both teams are ready (even during a timeout)
  • When you're sub, after a restart, you're invincible
  • You cannot see teammates arrows on the minimap while subbed in matchmode play
  • Swaproles, when used it doesn't always swap every player. Sometimes it leaves players on the team they were originally on thus mixing the teams instead of swapping their sides entirely.

- Mapping related:
  • func_breakable: shards key needs fixing, currently wont go under 16 shards

- Linux:
  • 64 Bit linux version fails to load with error: "menddef.h" not found. Apparently this is an OS specific bug for Ubuntu 10.04, Reported once before Here.
  • Demo browser on Linux/Mac is broken (iirc UrT converts the filename to upper case before opening it and ofc fails on a case sensitive fs)
    /demo however does work, so it is only the browser

- Misc:
  • Pre caching errors, see here and here for more information.
  • Weapon modes can sometimes change, without the user changing it. (said to be caused by specing people and inheriting their weapon modes : also occurs just from joining a server sometimes, click here)
  • Above related: The fire mode can change randomly (for example if you drop your SR8 and pick a LR300 up, sometimes the weapon you get is in semi or burst, whereas it wasnt when it was dropped by the previous player).
  • If you wear tactical goggles, on score screenshots, dead bodies appear like with brigtskin (which reminds some kind of a hax). This bug caused several conversations in different competitions.
  • +vstr function is buggy
  • The sr8 drop bind after being fired, so that you can switch to a secondairy or sidearm before the weapon is reloaded.
  • Nade duplication. possible with 1 or 2 nades. When you pull the pin on a grenade if you die 1 extra nade will be dropped.
  • Vibrating weapons on top of the body
  • Problems when priming a nade and switching weapons, probably only happens on 2nd nade, in that case the nade drops.
  • Follow The Leader bug, a subbed player can be chosen as a leader
  • SR8 doesn't always unzoom when appropriate damage is done (It's the antilag consequence. You hit a sniper, and at the same moment he shots you down (while scoped), you think the unzoom feature didn't work out. It's wrong, it's because the antilag allows you not to take into account the ping differences (and in fact the player actually shoted 100 or 200 ms before you, but the server registered the information later). This was explained by Tarquin on a DailyNade article.).
  • Important messages sometimes not displayed ie: Flag's been grabbed/dropped
  • Priming a knife to throw and then switching the knife to slash mode makes the knife invisible on your screen. Also when you switch to throw mode a knife will automaticly be thrown.
  • Unable to disable duplicate packets ie:cl_packetdup (always re-enables upon joining a server )
  • GUI stretched across wide screen resolutions ie:netgraph displays oddly at 1920x1080 ( left half seems out of sync of rest of netgraph )
  • GUI not always updated when someone dies. ( leaves people thinking they still have a teammate alive when they're the only one left )
  • There's a bug when you switch the gametype to FFA, players have to go spec or /reconnect to show up on playerlist/stats.
  • When you die when reloading, and you will spec someone, the reloading animation will show.
  • DE reloading animation in 3rd person is faster as in 1st person
  • It's possible to vote for a gamemode that the map does not support, or there is no clear error message.
  • The reloading. Sometimes the reload animation is "stuck" and you can't switch weapon until the animation ends. Normally, the reload animation should stop when you switch weapon.
  • If you throw all your knives, and try to medic someone (with nothing in the hands), there is no medic noise.
  • Slots numbers are wrong in the detailed logs report, which causes the famous B3 bug with aliases. Suggestion : the log should display the ID (or Passport ID in 4.2) with the slot number.
  • The /rcon status command gives incomplete answers if there are private slots on the server [bug already reported too].
  • Sometimes you jump off 2 meters of something, but you lemming and get killed even with full health.
  • If you walljump on curved walls, sometimes you grab it instead of just bouncing. It's common in tunnel on Abbey, for example.
  • If you throw 2 grenades in a row, the second will blow up faster (~ 1 seconde).
  • It's impossible to "rearm" a second nade. You can't "repull the pin in". [VERY ANNOYING BUG.]
  • Alive players refreshing doesn't work well. Sometimes the overlay displays teammates as alive instead there are dead.
  • If you capture a flag during pre-game countdown, the scored point stays displayed on scoreboard and is registered as a valable point during all the half.
  • This is also a famous bug : in CTF, when an enemy drops the flag in front of you, if you walk on it at the same time, the flag doesn't return. You have to stay by it and then walk on it again.
  • More or less same problem with waves. Sometimes you spawn whereas you shouldn't. Thats why sometimes you even get the countdown for the next wave on your screen while playing whereas you should be dead.
  • If someone uses a dot as a nickname, his/her remaining life isn't displayed above him/her.
  • This is subtle : there is a shift between player position and his hitmesh when that player is "un"grabbing. If you shot him at this time, you can hit him as he was still in the high position.

- Networking, I don't know what's going on here, just a copy paste:
  • Timenudge: Maybe allow it to go at least to -20 for competitive players (it increases responsiveness in exchange for visual jerkiness) (positive values (that we have now) increase visual smoothness in exchange for input/gameplay responsiveness). In terms of 'hits' it's a complex matter since it can both be argued that jerkiness = 'hits lost'/visual smoothness = 'hits improved' and that jerkiness = 'better latency and hence maybe better hits'/ positive timenudge = 'local lag'. It may depend on the person or mood on what's best in a case. Personally I find it very irritating on negative values (with eventual only negatives to gameplay) so it's fine as it is for me but I suspect others operate differently. Unless -10 would be bearable..
  • This is in the list already but it's in this family: cl_packetdup: allow it to go to 0 for potential lower overheads (it may not be very important potentially but some perfect connections should not need it at all).
  • This has been addressed by TwentySeven already: maybe increase cl_maxpackets allowable for higher responsiveness/better 'hits' latency: it has been increased for 4.2 to 125.
  • This has been discussed by TwentySeven already: maybe allow higher sv_fps/snaps for higher gameplay responsiveness: 27 is afraid to increase it. I suspect because it may increase load tremendously (CPU and network load). I believe it should be increased in 2010: conservative approaches can be just up to 25 *very conservative IMO. Or up to 40 (conservative but very noticeably higher).
  • You would need sv_fps to rise at the same pace as snaps for it to affect gameplay. Else it doesn't feel too different. (?)

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 03:30 PM

Please note that if something is marked as a suggestion it does not mean it will be added, just that we are aware of the need for it.

------- Community requested features:
  • Advanced player movements
  • A filter that will hide passworded servers from the server list
  • The ability to stop making a server list when looking for servers (if you see a server but you can’t select it because the list keeps expanding)
  • /forcesub <client num>: so you dont have to kick someone if they're afk in matchmode (a scrim)
  • Displaying the name of the next map
  • Displaying the score of the previous map
  • Adapt this to the config of the cup / league played (for example if there should be a 3rd map in case both teams are tied : its displayed somewhere)
  • Anyone on the server able to see server settings easily
  • More customizing possibilities (unlimited-stamina mode, or prevent quick-medic teamkills in waves mode...)
  • Advanced shoutcaster mode (so you can choose what players you want to follow, or a real teams overlay [those who already watched a broadcasted cod4 match will understand what I mean]...).
  • WORKING stats - and why not allow stats to be recorded somewhere so you can consult it after the game
  • Possibility to take the captain status easily
  • Adding "strat times" between rounds in team surivor mode
  • Modifying the "ready procedure" : all players have to set ready themselves for the game to start
  • Ability to copy and paste to console in linux.
  • Same message not allowed to be repeated 3 times consecutively ( auto mute if does ). Helps prevent spamming text/radio binds.
  • cg_drawTeamOverlay 4
    Would show names of your enemies and the number of team mates you have.
  • sv_allowfunstuff
    boolean which enables/disables funstuff on the server
  • more console colors
  • /cointoss?
  • ratio in stats menu also to be shown as a decimal.
  • hotkey comand like "+scores" but as "+stats" or "+awards" so you can quickly bring up those menu's and press escape to exit

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