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Posted 12 August 2012 - 07:37 PM

Hi! I think it'd be cool to get a script repository going, much like the old one. Please post any cool scripts that you have, and maybe give a little description of what they do (if it isn't blatantly obvious) and why they're useful. Try to keep bouncing back and forth between posters about script ideas to a minimal, as I'd like this to not have a bunch of posts that don't offer any scripts in between the ones that do, so that people have to sift through the whole thread.

//Radio Bank Switcher Script//Written by xSureshotBx (Brandon)

exec RadioBank1.cfg

bind f1 "ut_radio 1 1 ^1Affirm^4ative"
bind f2 "ut_radio 3 3 ^1Requesting ^4medic. ^1Status: ^4$health"
bind f3 "ut_radio 2 6 ^1I ^4need ^1some ^4help ^1at ^4$location! ^1$health"
bind f4 "ut_radio 9 9 ^1Tha^4nks!"
bind f5 "ut_radio 9 4 ^1Sorry!"
ut_echo ^1Bank One
bind v "exec RadioBank2.cfg"

bind f1 "ut_radio 1 2 ^1Nega^4tive"
bind f2 "ut_radio 1 6 ^1Okay, ^4I'm ^1on ^4the ^1way."
bind f3 "ut_radio 1 7 ^1I'm ^4with ^1you, ^4don't ^1worry."
bind f4 "ut_radio 9 6 ^1No ^4Problem"
bind f5 "ut_radio 9 8 ^1What ^4was ^1that ^4about?"
ut_echo ^4Bank Two
bind v "exec RadioBank1.cfg"

What this script does is it consolidates my radio binds down to 5 buttons, f1-f5. By default I am on RadioBank1, so hitting F1 will radio in ut_radio 1 1. If I hit the "v" key, it will switch me to my second radio bank, meaning hitting F1 will radio in ut_radio 1 2.
You can change what keys are bound to what radio commands, change what the radio commands say, change which radio commands are executed, add more banks, etc. It should all be pretty self-explanatory.

//Scoping in Overhaul//Written by xSureshotBx (Brandon)
//Sniper Mode//
bind Mouse2 "vstr snipzoom"
set snipzoom "ut_zoomin; bind mwheelup sensitivity 200; bind mwheeldown sensitivity 60; bind Mouse2 vstr unzoom;"
set unzoom "ut_zoomreset; bind mwheelup weapnext; bind mwheeldown weapprev; sensitivity 200; bind Mouse2 vstr snipzoom;"

If you hit mouse2, you will zoom in to the first level, and it will rebind mwheelup to changing your sensitivity to 200 and will rebind mwheeldown to change your sensitivity to 60. Hitting Mouse2 again will reset your zoom and reset your sensitivity to 200. Also, if you want a certain action to unzoom you, just add in "vstr unzoom" at the end of the bind for that key. Example: Bind Mouse1 "+attack; vstr unzoom"

The following "script" isn't really a script... (Lolz)
bind b "toggle com_blood"

Hitting B will turn your blood on your off, and hitting it again will turn it back to it's original value.

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