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Mapping Problems

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Posted 04 September 2012 - 05:50 PM

Im Jomas, im new with mapping ( 1 Moth ) and i can't do some things, I think interesting...


I would like to know how to apply in 3d max or GtkRadiant, textures with bump, and work in game, as the following examples will give you: |

( Min: 2:25 )

( All video )

i already read several posts about this subject but i still don't know how to apply them to work in game :/


I Would like to know how to do bloom on my maps, as u can see on tohunga ( http://www.urbanterr...-intensity-pics )

That's all for now,
Thanks - Jomas :D

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Posted 04 September 2012 - 10:26 PM

Okay, let's see..
Regarding BUMP:

You'll need to use the optimized q3map2 made by the FS team to build the map: http://www.urbanterr...map-radbump-4a/
Then you'll need to learn about the cubemap_probe: http://gotdelirium.c...rticles_11.html and also have a look at this article about radbump: http://gotdelirium.c...rticles_10.html

After this all you need to do is place your normal maps and bump maps on your textures folder using the sufix "_n" for normal, and "_b" for bump.
As the following example:

Original Texture: concrete.jpg
Bump Texture: concrete_b.jpg
Normal Texture: concrete_n.tga

I advise you to also watch this video on how to make good normal maps for Urban Terror (because they work differently here):

Regarding Bloom:

Bloom can only be modified client side, and only by those who use an optimized build (27's build or mitsu's build), both have a "bumpy feature" integrated.
To control it you should use r_bloom "(number of choice)" (5 is max, afaik)-

At the moment there's no way for mappers to control it.

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