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#1 User is offline   unclesam189 Icon

Posted 11 April 2013 - 12:35 AM

set zoom_in "ut_zoomin; cg_fov 90; bind MOUSE1 vstr abc"
set zoom_out "ut_zoomreset; cg_fov 100; bind MOUSE1 vstr acb"
bind MOUSE2 "+vstr zoom_in zoom_out" 

set abc "bind MWHEELUP ut_zoomin; bind MWHEELDOWN ut_zoomout"
set acb "bind MWHEELUP weapnext; bind MWHEELDOWN weapprev"

this is supposed to zoom in with fov and hold to zoom with sr8+psg+g36. I want to be able to zoom in more by using the mousewheel while scoped in (sniper rifles+g36) and then when scoped out it again switches weapons. Doing something wrong though.

bind f "ut_zoomin; +attack"

Quickscope but doesn't work either. Do i need to insert -attack? where? possibly wait some idk what's going on here.


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Posted 12 April 2013 - 10:41 PM

The first script works perfectly fine to me, although it seems completely nonsensical — why do you want to press MOUSE1 to activate zooming in and out with the wheel? Did you want to execute the vstr here? With
set zoom_in "ut_zoomin; cg_fov 90; vstr abc"
set zoom_out "ut_zoomreset; cg_fov 100; vstr acb"

it’s a great script that doesn’t seem to have any issues, and, being reset on button release, certainly has no “stuck state” problem that characterizes many zoom scripts.

The second script is just fundamentally bad — you want to scope in and shoot as quickly as possible while giving up the finer control necessary for such shot to hit. And no, I don’t think it could be made to work anyway; no matter what I tried, even with wait 100 (very noticable delay) the shots behave as if unscoped, and it randomly fails to shoot at all. Might be a feature of the game:-P
Beginner’s Guide to Urban Terror (woefully out of date)
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