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The cheaters, the Nazis and the AC. Rate Topic: -----

You have to do something. Do somethine do something do something!

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Posted 25 January 2014 - 05:40 PM


This is all from my point of view but I'm sure it applies to almost everyone and every forums about this game.

Make it clear: your ban list system is not a good idea.


Damn we're not in 1940 any more. When I look at the French forums and when I look over here in the news comments, damn what world is this?! The guys spit on a single man, the moderators agree on that and no one can't stand itself any more.

Some people even try to guess what the next ban list will look like. I'm sure UrbanTerror could be the first game to have a betting cup in which people would bet who cheats and who doesn't. We've been suspecting everyone freely since 4.1 came out after all, so why not betting on them now.

But worse than that: Meanwhile you're fishing the cheaters, we're facing them 24/7 in leagues, publics, and IRC.

So don't tell me you're fighting against cheat makers because that's rubbish. Open your eyes, whether you're amateurs or not (who cares, we still play the game you make so it's part of your "job" to make it playable), and look at the games such as Quake or Counter strike, inspire yourself from these great game developers and learn that they have an anti cheat than bans the cheater and its cheat in less than 1 month.

Have you read that? In 3 weeks or so the cheater ends up being banned, no matter how long he cheated.

Don't tell me you won't ban the cheat use as soon as possible because "cheat makers could know how to bypass the AC" -------> BULLOCKS. Just, bullocks. Bullocks, again and over again. If there's one thing I've learned with computers, it's that impossible is nothing. Your French guys in FS should know as well that "impossible is not French". Again, look around you. You've said so many times that you're doing this as amateurs, well amateurs get resourced and look around them to learn. Ban the guy randomnly in a DECENT period of time.

What the hell is this? Making the community suffering for the good of the AC not being bypassed by cheat makers? I hope you're not going like that for a while because I could bet anything you want that there won't be more than 100 servers in 2017.

So do something for God's sake. An old man said to me once: "if you do it, do it at all or don't do it". You're half way to reach the goal. Make a complete AC that works seriously, that is also not Bolshevik, otherwise myself and others (high five possessed) will have to agree that yes 4.1 is still better than 4.2 (2 years later).

Please, stop this nazi propaganda and keep the banlist secret. Instead of making such a news for us, make a page on your website that lists all the official bans.

I don't know what's worst: facing cheaters without knowing it or reading people acting like Nazis even though it's just a game. Sure thing is you're responsible for this, you have to create a decent game quality inside and outside the game and I can tell you're not half way on this.

I don't know what's worst: the cheaters or the people acting like Nazis towards them.

Sorry it sounds rude but there's no other way to be read today. I don't except any one outside Frozen Sand to answer this thread.

P.S: Don't you dare telling me to join FS if I'm not happy. If there's one thing I hate the most, it's when people ask someone else to do their job. Also, how can you tell someone to join you to give suggestions and bring their opinions to the development? A team works with a line, it follows an idea so therefore how can you suggest something to a team that is based on a line?

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Posted 25 January 2014 - 05:53 PM

Cheaters are not welcome. It is very simple.
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