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It's fun and it works :)

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Posted 12 December 2014 - 06:52 AM

Hello! I'm Tupp! I'm not too well known around here, but you might recognize me from CTF servers, and maybe some icy jump servers :) I've wanted to write something like this for a while now, and since I have some spare time, here it is! It's pretty much how I play Urban Terror. I think it's a bit of a different approach, and I don't usually see this in most servers. Anyway, I'd like to share my thoughts, and see what you guys think, if you play like this etc. So yeah let's get started :)

I want to say I play unpredictably, but this isn't the case. I am very predictable. I think a better term would be to say I play unconventionally. This will be hard to explain, but I'll give it a shot. Just a note, this applies mostly to CTF, but there are times when you can use this play-style in other game modes as well.

Ok now before you all think "Ooh look this guy thinks he's such a hipster pro what a nerd", that's not what I mean to come off as, but when I think about it, it's the only way I can explain this way of playing. So I'm sorry in advance if I sound arrogant :)

In one sentence: I play this game quite unconventionally but it works.

Let me explain. I do things that many players would consider to be stupid. I might rush into their base full rage mode, 3 or 4 enemies right there. It might sound stupid. I do it anyways, and it works more often than it probably should. I might pretend not to notice someone as I'm running down a hallway, but when they come running after me, there I am, barrels blazing! If I'm badly hurt and running away, I'll rush back into the person shooting at me, and while they're speeding along in mid air, I make 3 quick shots and they're dead. I never planned on running away, I just wanted them to chase me and let their guard down.

So these are some examples of how I might play this game. I do not think this is always the most optimal way to play this game, but I think for me, and probably some of you, it is the most effective way to play the game.

There's a reason I might do these things. I have bad aiming. I am bad at face-to-face combat. Not terrible by any means, it's just that aiming is probably my weakest skill in the game, that or maybe teamwork :). That being said, I can kill many people because of how I play, despite my bad aim. I move in such a way that I will be able to hit people from where they least expect. I capture the flag using paths they don't expect. When both teams have the flags, I hide in places where they won't expect( like sometimes I'd hide close to the enemy base at pillars on Turnpike). I'm not being unpredictable, I'm unconventional, and I think that's an important difference.

I die a lot in this game, usually I have the most deaths on my team. I'm probably terrible at TS, and I don't recommend playing like this during TS. That being said, I usually also have close to the most kills, and likely, the most flag caps on the team. This is just an effect of playing unconventionally. High risk, high reward. I sometimes wear Kevlar, sometimes I don't. It depends on the map and the people I'm against. I value movement a lot, so if I can get more stamina, in exchange for being weak in combat, I'll usually give the Kevlar a miss.

There's also another aspect of my play-style I want to talk about. I use an aggressive approach to this game. For example, if the enemy team has our flag, instead of chasing down their flag-carrier, I'd get to their flag as quickly as possible. Usually instructing my team to do so as well. This doesn't always work out, but I'd say it's one of the things I do best. I'm really damn good at killing flag carriers. This isn't hard to do either. They usually aren't wearing Kevlar, and they are usually either running really fast, or they are hiding. All it takes is 1 second and you can kill them, as well as slide on top of the flag before everyone kills you. Again, I rarely see people rush the enemy flag when the enemy team has ours. To me it makes perfect sense, maybe it just doesn't occur to others, or they are afraid of dying.

So the three main ideas I tried to get across during this post is:

You can take advantage of other players if you play in a way that they won't expect.
The way you move is usually more important than how well you aim.
You should not be afraid of dying.

Now I guess you might ask why me writing this is even necessary, but the thing is, I almost never see anyone play the same way I do. Rarely do I find a person baiting me around a corner, only to have them pop back out and shoot me as I chase. Almost never do I find someone hiding in plain sight in the middle of my base (Works well in Casa) , waiting for the right time to grab our flag. And to be honest, I think I'd like to see people playing this way more often. I could go on and list more examples of things I do, but I think you get the point, and I don't want to reveal all my secrets :)

Anyway, this game is great fun, and I hope you like reading how I play it!


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