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Post your cool stuff ideas here.

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Posted 20 February 2018 - 02:06 PM

Thanks dude about your answer !


At the end, what exactly do you think is missing or needed to be changed on this site?

I'm talking about a newer design that would make you want to visit the site. Again, i'm looking for a new FPS. I got here and what do I see ? A useful site, for you maybe but not very attractive for me.

I speak as if I was a new player.


> 3 : Clan system & global chat.
Everything you mentioned in this point is already existing.

I don't think it exists in game, isn't it ? That's what i'm talking about.


> 3,5 : Friends list & private messages. (I guess it'll be added with steam)

Yea. When there is release on steam all that will be available.
Creating similar system in 4.x is not worth spending time and effort.

We are here to talk about urt HD so, I don't see the interest to do this on urt 4.x


> 7 : Fully adjustable interface. Have the possibility to make your own interface.
> 8 : Game menu.
> Big point here again. We need a menu with news, advertisements and promotions for the various events.
> People have to see that URT HD is alive, that there are organized tournaments and more. it can only add enthusiasm to a lambda/new player. They need to be aware !

There was some work done on this in the past.
But it didn't get it's way into the official client.
I know some guys were/are working on this.



> 10 : New demo system & video recording.
> A simpler system for recording demos and watching demos. But I guess it will be much better with the new version of the game. Everyone should be able to record an action and share it on youtube, for example.

What is wrong with current system? How would you make it better?
It has function button F12 to start demo. Setting in UI to automatically start demos, only start them in match mode (and autorecord on reconnect), or none.
Demo => video takes a lot of processing power, can be tweaked immensely etc.
What game does automatic conversion from demo to video and upload to youtube?
It's not like it is too hard doing that manually, for whoever is interested in doing that.

Well... start demo isn't difficult at all, you're right but let's compare with CS:GO.
You don't have any menu when you're watching a demo to stop, play it again, go back, speed up or down, you hit your keyboard = the demo stop (how many times does this happen to me), & more... You've to do this with the console, check many cvars to have a good rendering and it takes so many times. I'm pretty sure that we can improve that simply !


12 : Weapons damage.
For each weapon precise details of the damage depending on the different parts of the body hit.

Already existing. While on server, check the tab for this by opening console with tilda (~) key, then use key "tab" to get to the appropriate tab.

I was talking about something else (sorry, I may express myself badly). Imagine as a new player, I want to see the damage of the m4 before taking it but nothing tells me the damage of this weapon.



15 : Boot.
Please, no more boot with pistol and grenades. How many times does it not happen in the spawn.. You want to rush and launch a nade during your action but in the meantime you booted 2 teammates, it's very frustrating and it ruins the gameplay. Of course, it's fun but only with knife !

I appreciate booting is possible with pistol too.
Way too many AFK's or people just blocking spawn doors on purpose...

Why don't you do this only with your knife ?


> 17 : In-game statistics. Know the statistics of your last game or your own statistics according to the maps or with the different weapons you use would be amazing.
Already existing.
While in game, press escape to get the top menu, then look at your stats :)

Haha, I know this very well but what if I want to see my stats from yesterday ? Or from my first pcw of the day ? It goes a little further than "my stat from the pcw that i'm playing".


Btw, Urban Terror HD is abandoned project (quake based engine).
The game that they are working on has code name Urban Terror Resurgence (unreal engine)

For me, it's the same fight ;)

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Posted 22 February 2018 - 12:28 PM

Last post edit about the SR8 ! (page 9)

This post has been edited by hatersgonnahateme: 22 February 2018 - 12:28 PM

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Posted 27 February 2018 - 04:20 PM

What about implementing a rope, where you could swing on?
Not a grappling hook, but a feature of a map.

For example in a jump map you could get really fast, grab a rope and it would keep your momentum but change your direction and you would have to let go at the right time to go the right way. Maybe upwards, maybe you could do a sharp turn.
Or in a normal map you could get some speed and swing over a river on a rope hanging from a tree.

Just a thought i just had :)

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Posted 11 March 2018 - 08:23 AM


1 : Update your website.
I've been playing, with some breaks, since 2010. I saw the game trying to evolve (sometimes well, sometimes badly) but I've never seen your website evolve. As far as I can remember urtinfo was already like this 8 years ago. I know what you're going to say "We don't have the time for this or it's going to cost money", hell yeah but hire someone to work on a website for 1 month or 2 maybe is not going to cost very much is it ? And in the most extreme case, finding someone from the community who would be ready to do this seems to me possible.

For me, it's also a simple way to attract more players to the game and to the website.

I agree. The current website has been around for more than 10 years and has stayed functional - but that's all. It would be time to finally make the website at least responsive (make it work on mobile devices) and also update the UI. Obviously the development of Urt:Resurgence has prio. But if there is capacity you could reach out to the community and start hiring volunteers to help in that endeavour.

Best of luck with the further development!

#95 User is offline   criowoolf Icon

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Posted 28 December 2018 - 01:05 PM

Hi, everybody! Sorry for bad English writing through a translator. I have some ideas that I want to share with you.
In-game editor for character, weapons, gloves and hands. For example, the analogue can be seen in the game NFS underground 2.
In this editor, you can change the ready-made models to your taste and share your work with other players.

For example.

Weapon tuning.
*Paint (Main color/Second color/Third color...)
*Color effect (Gloss/Matt/Worn...)
*Textures (Chrome/Carbon...)
*Neon vinyls.
*Decorative element (Keychain/Sticker...)
*Visual effect of shot.
*Reload animation.
Some of these settings can also be applied to glove and hand brush models.

Character editor.
*Various masks, helmets,balaclavas, bandanas with the ability to repaint or change their texture.

Similar examples can be seen in games such as CS:GO, RSS, KF2, PUBG. But the player can not edit the model to your taste.
It would be interesting to see the possibility of loading custom models. The best models would be chosen by voting and added to the game updates.
Thus, players could support and develop the game themselves.
Thanks for reading :happy:

p.s I don't understand why you don't take ready-made models of weapons, characters and sounds from open sources? They can be changed and it will not be copyright infringement. Especially the game is free.
This would greatly speed up the development process :smile:

#97 User is offline   criowoolf Icon

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Posted 08 February 2019 - 01:35 PM

Hello again! :smile:
I want to share an idea about changing gameplay. The main aspect of the game is parkour.The weight of equipment and weapons should more clearly affect
the movement of the player.Instead of slots for equipment and weapons, add weight and a scale that shows the maximum allowable weight.
A player who wants more parkour will choose light equipment and a player with heavier equipment will move more slowly and may not be able to perform
some parkour stunts.
For example, light body armor from small-caliber bullets or heavy assault body armor from large-caliber bullets.
For special items to make a separate number of points that can be spent in the selection of equipment that are not related to the weight of equipment and
In my opinion, some things in the game must be removed or completely reworked.
For example, a manual single-shot grenade launcher can be replaced with a rifle grenade launcher for rifles in the form of a special object.
A hand grenade launcher is too bad for the balance of the game and players often use it without entering at closer distances.
Replace the night vision device with a thermal imager.
Change animation treatment. Add animation in the form of a medical spray or syringe gun. The game is very dynamic and bandaging does not suit her.
Introduce Small Ballistic Shield (https://imgur.com/a/OSG8gI1).This will make the gameplay more interesting and add new tactical features.

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