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New Echelon for B3

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Posted 10 March 2016 - 03:22 PM

Hello guys,

These past few weeks I've been working on a new version of echelon that has many more features than the current v1 and v2 version,

This currently only works with UrbanTerror and I'm willing to share the code to any clans that request it, I can offer help and support where needed, this tool is reccomended for the more larger clans with active servers, obviously you'll need b3 and optionally XLRstats.


Main Page
On the main page it shows all online players and their score and what team they're on, you can also punish players with slap, kick mute etc and you can also talkback to the server, The talkback to the server uses the echelon admins B3 ID so that it shows in their chatlog.
Posted Image

User Profile
The user profile shows all of the usual stuff that the other two echelons show, I'll be adding the ability for higher level admins to edit penalties and change user groups but for now I've left that bit out.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Players Page
The players page shows the last 45 players that connected to your server, this also features a search bar that allows you to search by IP or alias.
Posted Image

Admins Page
The admins page shows all players that are in a B3 group that is considered an admin or a moderator, I also have a page for members in the clan.
Posted Image

Penalties Page
The penalties page allows you to see all penalties issued on the server, there is a seperate page for warnings, kicks, tempbans, permbans and active bans.
Posted Image

Echelon UsersPage
This is the Echelon Users page
Posted Image
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