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Posted 25 September 2016 - 03:38 AM

No way a defender should get 4 points for shooting a guy before he gets the flag and 2 after, thats the facts jack and its bad,, it promotes campers on the flag!

Should promote capping the flag not camping the flag,,its ctf, and the scoring is off..

hell points should be one and one, unless you cap, then you get 2,, thats it,.

YA SOMEONE HAD A GOOD IDEA how to change the score like 7 years ago

this is what happens,,, if I hunt down a flag carrier and get him,,,,, like know where he is going and i screw his shit up,, i dont get shit for that,, but some camper on the flag does over and over and over,,,, so so wrong

to me this is one of the biggest faults i have seen of urt and just gotta throw it out there before it goes down..

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Posted 26 September 2016 - 03:39 AM

View PostBladeKiller, on 25 September 2016 - 09:28 PM, said:

You should get fewer points if you let someone grab your flag before you kill them.

On the surface it makes sense "If you could kill them before they grabbed the flag, why didn't you just do so?", but there are cases where they become more vulnerable after taking the flag and so waiting can actually play to your advantage. As a knowledgeable player I will of course not care about the points but rather do whatever is most effective to win, despite the scoreboard not necessarily reflecting that.

but a newbie will be incentivized to not delve into these tiny details and the mindgames. Because "I get more points if I kill them before they take the flag so that is the end all be all, right?"

Besides if we ignore what I said above entirely, this is still something that only applies to the defender.
The defender can fail but then we have players on the enemy side of the map that's role is not to defend but to be on the offensive.

They can kill the enemy before they even reach your side of the map but they don't get any points for that or if the defender fails but the offense kills the enemy flag carrier right before they cap, that deserves the same credit.
but they will still only get one point - "Because they didn't kill the flag carrier before they grabbed the flag", but how could they when they are far from their spawn?

I'm not arguing if defending should be 3 points or more/less (imo it should be 2), but I do think killing the flag carrier should yield the same points as killing them before they grab the flag.

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Posted 27 September 2016 - 02:05 AM

I am not sure either of you get what i am saying,,, but to be fair I am thinking of the context of a pub so maybe I am off in your context..

In pub server people sit and camp the flag, and they learn how to shoot the guy grabbing the flag,, i dont care if they shoot him before or after, but if they miss, half dont give a fk, cuz the flag will come back and they can protect it again..and hey maybe get 4 points next time.

Point being,, you are rewarded way too much to camp the flag, and from what I know, individual servers cannot change urts point scheme, its out of whack is all I am saying and I had to say hi and hope you change this before 4.3..

its simple: make it so servers can choose how to score


make it true ctf, and evreyone on your team gets a point for every cap..and thats that, hell or capper gets 2 everyone else gets 1. I dont think defending the flag should get extra points. its capture the flag not camp the flag..

I am digressing but heres my last try at this...if you have ever played paintball,, in capture the flag you get the flag and cap it,, then it starts over,, maybe like survivor it should just start over..cap the flag and new spawn, instantly!

you guys are always coming up with new game ideas that dont catch,but bet this would,,

respawn on cap

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Posted 27 September 2016 - 02:38 AM

Well I take pubs seriously (no shame) and so I want my team to cap, but I don't want the enemy team to do and the best way to prevent that is by defending the flag so I'm happy that there are "flag campers", but yes maybe there are a bit too many of them.

You did remind me something tho.
Sometimes I cap 100% on my own. Go to the flag without cover, kill everyone without help, take the flag and cap with no cover. Really me against the world, yet everyone gets 10 points for the capture and so the food for thought is "Why is capture points shared with the team but not defending points?"

Now we even have kill assists, but I'm assuming the player landing the killing blow will get the 4 points for themselves, regardless of if the assisting player did more damage even. Which is silly.

I'd welcome letting servers choose how to score tho. It'd be interesting to see what happens when one of the incentives to defend is removed.

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Posted 27 September 2016 - 10:24 AM

good point.

Additional though on the def points: i fear that giving a defender bonus points for killing a flag carrier (when he just picked it up) over getting the kill before he could even reach the flag may encourage people to wait for the steal and then go for the more rewarding option. Granted there are situations where killing after the flag pickup is the better choice (e.g. the flag carrier will turn away from you).

TBH, im not sure how much a "noob" would read into CTF scores anyways in this regard...


but I'm assuming the player landing the killing blow will get the 4 points for themselves,

Yep. in urt the last player to deal dmg will get the kill. This way you can "bleed to death" from your own grenades, or "die" because of bleed and lemming dmg.
//edit iye: clarification: this was meant for kill scoring in TDM/BOMB/whatever non ctf gamemodes:
I guess in the long run urt could benefit from this CoD or BF style of scoring (100 for a kill, 25 for an assist, 75? for a "assist count as kill").

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Sorry for my bad spelling - I am still asleep. :)

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Posted 27 September 2016 - 03:27 PM

Just split the point system up,
Kills, Offensive Points, Defensive Points, avg. Speed, Donuts eaten(time you didnt move)
or something similar. That way you can maybe get some valuable information, even in a competitive game.

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Posted 29 September 2016 - 03:18 AM

View PostBladeKiller, on 27 September 2016 - 09:30 PM, said:

Perhaps you should learn what the point system is before you discuss it. You have made several errors like the one I already pointed out. Before we added this point system no one played CTF at all. All they played was TS and TDM back when we first added CTF to the game.

ya maybe I should learn the point system before I have any thoughts of going in the right direction after 15 years of your crappy point system...

what are my several errors?

You talk like a chief,, so hey!!

when you cap a flag, spawn starts over smarty pants..

Do it!

edit,, spawns suck

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Posted 05 October 2016 - 01:17 AM

Alright, I got a little pissy there and apologies,, just saying the point system for ctf is out of whack, and you kind of agreed being there was no ctf when the point system was made..

that was my suggestion for 4.3... nothing is going to change substantially either way... i always just thought the point system was odd, especially if someone has a successful server they cannot change it but they can change a lot of other things..

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