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Posted 28 September 2016 - 12:09 PM

I am planning on running UT in a club in school. I have access to a server that I will run the dedicated server on and I don't want the kids to be able to run their own servers so they all have to play on the same one instead of having about 5 servers running with a few kids in each. I will be copying the files to the client machines and can edit the pk3 files etc. beforehand. I've tried removing/changing various files, but although I have stopped them being able to run the dedicated server, it's still easy to load the server from the main menu. I've played around looking for any obviously named folders/files within the pk3 files, but can't see anything that stands out.

Is there a file within a pk3 somewhere that I can delete/edit so that either the game will just crash when they start a server, or they won't be able to get into the server menu page? Maybe I could edit a script file so that the server button doesn't do anything, or delete a texture file that the server menu depends on...

Any ideas?

Thanks very much.

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Posted 28 September 2016 - 03:51 PM

View PostBarbatos, on 28 September 2016 - 02:37 PM, said:

Yep this is something you could do, by removing the file qagame.qvm which is in the pk3 named zUrT42_qvm.pk3. This qagame.qvm file contains pretty much everything needed to run a server, so if they don't have this file they'll just crash their game when trying to launch a server.

However, their clients will be detected as "unpure" by your servers (and thus will be automatically kicked) because this file is missing. So you will have to launch your servers with an extra argument to let them join: +set sv_pure 0
eg. ./Quake3-UrT-Ded.exe +set dedicated 1 +set sv_pure 0 +exec server_example.cfg

Brilliant. This works perfectly. Thanks very much. I was a bit confused at first because the pure setting in the server_example.cfg overrode the command-line option and kicked the client off, but when I set that to 1, it worked fine. I haven't got around to going through the config file settings yet, that's the next job! :)

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