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Posted 24 February 2019 - 07:46 PM

//edit iye:
I just noticed i could make a joke about you having a ping of 2 years here. couldnt let that chance slip by.

//original post:


  • Calm down
  • Maybe dont necro threads for your own rage post
  • You can edit posts instead of writing three of them.
  • Net code doesnt change just because a variable is now no longer locked.
  • Its not that easy. Let me explain.

This game (i.e. its idtech3 implementation) is from a time long past. Lag compensation was the way to increase the playerbase. And it works. You can play with a ping of up to 200 and have a nice experience. However, even back that it was found that simply turing up rates doesnt make the game smoother. client fps are capped for a reason. The same goes for all the other settings. That much to why those systems are in the game.

On to how this situation unrolled.
No significant work was done to make higher snaps/sv_fps possible. It was just unlocked. The main thinking was, it should improve gameplay. Thats just what it did. The game ran perfectly smooth in testing, no issues were experienced. Basically we had the same experience you had. But already on release day the issues came up. Players with perfectly fine pings warping around the map. related bugtracker

It was not just affecting people with already ridiculously high pings, or players with really sub-par machines. It was more or less randomly affecting everyone.

Since the initial idea had been "lets just unlock it" the fix was rather simple. "Lets just relock it". Its not like the game doesnt work anymore now. It plays exactly the way it used to for the last decade. (ignoring the mess that 4.1 hitcode kinda was).

This decision wasnt made out of lazyness either. It was made as a result of pratical considerations. Urban Terror Resurgence was already being developed on UE4, and all devs are volunteers, afaik there also was/is noone on the team who actually worked on these systems. With these limited resources, the already experimental change was simply rolled back.

Finally I have no idea where you found that "locking snaps to prevent cheat" or some bullshit lie of an excuse?". If any that would be a lie. It simply caused issues that would not be fixed otherwise. And lets think about this for a second. If it actually did allow players to cheat, should that not be prevented?
Sorry for my bad spelling - I am still asleep. :)

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