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How to have 100.000 + players for Resurgence ?

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 05:42 PM

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

There are less and less UrbanTerror players and many of the good old players left.
Btw Resurgence is just an awesome update for our lovely game!

Well, it turns out, we can make Resurgence one of the most played free FPS by following a good marketing strategy.

This strategy could help us to reach and bring 100.000 players if not more by doing it well.

And the best about it is that:
- We don't need any marketing budget
- We can bring these players pretty quickly

In this post, I'm going to show you what this strategy is globally so we can, together, apply it to become one of the best free FPS experience in the world.

This is only a draft and will be changed in the future. Feel free to give your feedback so it could be improved!

What you MUST understand in first if you want to bring players

There are 2 problems:
-There are almost no new players because they don’t know us
-Players don’t play the game anymore because of the lack of new content/competition/players/whatever new.

How can you know I’m talking real?

For the first problem, try typing "best free fps" on Google. Do you find UrbanTerror? No? So, this is the EXACT problem. Videos and blogs are not pointing our game anymore in their « TOP 10 ».

For the second problem… I think you understand it: Resurgence is our chance to make something REALLYNEW, including in terms of players.

Let me tell you one thing that is important:

Marketing is not the ads you see on TV or YouTube. It is not "egocentric" communication: "Buy OUR product, OUR product is the best". This is pure bullshit. Marketing is all about being customer-focused. In our case: player-focused. This will be clear to players that UrT IS the best FPS without mentioning it.

It is all about "How to convert the stranger who doesn't know UrT, into a player who loves UrT so much that he could make a marketing strategy to revive UrT?". You've already done it with some of us in the past :biggrin:

And THIS is the key: we have to entertain and educate players.
"But we are already doing it by providing tutorials on weapons, what dyou say man!".

Yep, you're right. But this is focused on "UrT players who want to know how to be better at it" not "FPS players that are searching the best free FPS ever" actually.

This introduction is only here to make you understand what is our main goal: provide the maximum value for strangers/random FPS players so they can play to our game for long.

Actually, there are some: this is a completely free game (no pay2win), and it is fast and tactical. That's why when the game was launched, there were many people.

But the Internet has changed. People want more. And this strategy is here to do this more.

So let’s dive into the strategy which can be resumed by the HubSpot methodology:

Posted Image

1. How to convert many strangers into visitors

Visitors are the people who clicked on our site on Google. They are the « best free fps » typers.

For information SEO = Search Engine Optimization, better understandable as « How to rank 1st in Google and have many visitors»

2 main goals to achieve this:

- Make AWESOME -not great- content for FPS players and influencers like IGN, GameFaqs, Gamespot, Youtubers.

This could be:

Guides on How to Aim better, learn How to Dodge in FPS, Being Tactical in FPS, Best Free FPS out there, etc.
A catchy story of the background of UrbanTerror and characters.
A contest where you can win something big.

These are only ideas. There are good keywords researching tools to know what people want to read/see.

- Give our awesome content to the influencers so they can promote our site in their articles.

The influencers want awesome content on their sites to have many visitors for their ads. If we provide them, this will be enough. No need to pay Adwords.

This will have 2 results that matter:
- Bring visitors from the influencers
- Be ranked 1st on Google

I don't go into technical stuff because this is not the point here. But trust me, we can become viral.

And here’s another thing: we can make our Social Media more active and publish the awesome content on it to reach new people.

2. How to convert a visit into an interest ?

Leads are basically interested people. They will read content on our blog, maybe sign in to the forum. They are not players yet.

This step is required to convince the visitor to press the « Download » button when Resurgence will be out.

By example: I’m a lead of Overwatch. I don’t want this game to the point I’ll buy it, but videos are making me interested.

2 main goals to achieve this:

- Convert actual UrT players into leads of UrT: Resurgence.

I have seen lots of players that don’t even know that HD is now Resurgence or that Resurgence version is based on another engine that will make the game even more gorgeous than before.

Players lose hope and are watching the game dying… We can give them by showing them screenshots/videos of the new version and calling them to sign up for updates.

By example: Notice players in the main menu box of UrT that an awesome version of UrT is coming, something like that. And make a link/button where people can see the best pictures of it and drop their email. Basically leading them to a « landing page ».

You maybe noticed something: we call these people "leads" because they were led to a certain page/form.

- Convert "best free fps Google/Youtube people" into "people who want to know more".

So yeah, I know that’s hard to know when we will release it because we are all doing it for free. But if we want to make a hype around the game, it is important to know, even if it is 2020. So we can make trailers and teaser content before the release.

It’s important to make videos like « BST Jumps on Resurgence » or « Deathmatch on Resurgence’s Casa », things like that. So people can be like « wooooah, I WANT it released, keep me up to date please! » and can drop their mail address.

That’s like when you’re awaiting a game and you watch videos on it. It’s pure teasing.

I like Frankie V videos but unfortunately, they are not visible on Youtube when you type « urt hd ». And some of them are clearly technical :P

3. How to transform all our leads into players

Customers are the ones who pushes the « Download » button, launches the game and begin to play. Simple isn’t it? Let’s call them players

We’ll have players only when the game will be launched. But this is important to think about it since now.

This is a quick step. Because people will be already waiting for our game. And since our game is free, there is almost no barrier to the « Download » action.

The only barriers are: « My PC is too low-end for this, it won’t run! » « The game is too heavy for my poor 128 GB HDD » and all the « This game is too fast/tactical/UrT/blahblahblah ». We’re not « selling » a Nintendo Switch fortunately :)

2 main goals to achieve this:

- Make a mail sequence. This means when the people subscribes to our mailing list they receive some valuable information during the next days.

After that, every week we send them a cool newsletter with a video/article/guide. The awesome content I was talking about before. This is done to keep the subscriber attention. Unless he will forget us.

Before the game is released, we can send 1 mail every 3-4 days to make a big launch!

Btw, mailing is useful to send beta accesses to, let’s say, the first 100 registered fans on the mail list.

The companies with a good profit on Internet out there are those who use actively the mail to promote their content and sell by mail… sounds crazy?

Well, not so really, Amazon is the best example I can provide. They provide you similar products and… you buy it :)

- Make sure all is ready for new players

Site design and User Interface, downloads servers, master servers, the game, all the infrastructure. Not my cup of tea.

4. How to satisfy players so they become mad fans

You already know what fans are! They are the weird players that organize events, make artworks, bring their friends to UrT, or the ones who make a marketing strategy to revive the game :biggrin :

The actual problem is that the game is not providing what players want.

This makes sense. If you quit UrT to go on CS:GO, that’s because you’re not satisfied with the actual content, isn’t it? That’s basically because CS:GO fulfills your needs better than UrT.

I don’t know, maybe there are more players, maybe there are more interesting functionalities (integrated VoIP, skins, rankings), maybe the game is more beautiful/user-friendly...

Sometimes, we don’t know all the needs of our players. We’re in the « developer’s shoes ». To me, UrT is perfect, excepting graphics, so I’m not a good example! :biggrin:

And I know that when we’re developing something, it’s sometimes hard to look at players’ needs because coding is exciting!

1 main goal to achieve this:

- Collect in one place anonymous feedbacks of current UrT and of the next version.

So we can know why the current version of UrT is dying and don’t do the same mistakes in Resurgence. And we can know what FPS players want in an FPS game so we can provide the best for them.

And the best with this is that all updates will make the players more and more happy to play to our game!

In my actual job, I’m asking 7 questions to collect feedback. I adapted these to UrT.

All questions are important
1. to know what we have to change/add
2. to know how to write interesting content about our game

Why are you playing UrbanTerror/FPS?

What prevents you from enjoying UrT/FPS? What do you feel about it?

If this continues, what will you do? 

If you had super coding skills and could fix/create what you want in UrT/FPS to enjoy it more, what will it be?

What will be the positive consequences on your and the players' global experience?

If you could have a private talk with developers to suggest/ask them something, what will it be?

By the way, all the feedbacks which are « hurting » the Core of UrT won’t be heard.


This is it! I didn’t get into too many details. I’m near 10 000 characters and inbound marketing needs WAY MORE.

I’m a 19 y/o full-time inbound marketer, and I love my job! So I’ll love to replicate my job with UrT in my spare time since I LOVE this game.

If you are interested, maybe, maybe not, we can talk on this in depth on Skype/IRC/Discord/Slack. I really love Discord and recommend it to you if you don't know it yet.

What do you all think of this, what could be improved?

Let me know your feedback, I really want to improve this game and to unleash his full potential!

All this post is inspired of many Brian Dean's advices, thanks to him. Good articles I recommend if you're interested in SEO and inbound marketing: http://backlinko.com...raper-technique and http://backlinko.com...ng-fundamentals

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 08:36 PM

I'm Chinese :(

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 09:32 PM

After all that work , that admin answer...
No wonder why there is 2 ctf divs now

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 03:16 PM

I'm actually tempted to edit the OP to use a uniform readable font, memes hidden in spoilers and headers just in nice simple bold...
Sorry for my bad spelling - I am still asleep. :)

|=| Iye's UrT Addon |=| Firefox Personas |=| Maps |=|

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 03:26 PM

f1 for sex tape.

View PostNounou, on 01 December 2012 - 12:33 AM, said:

Hey I love you baex, but also, consider that i'm drunk

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 04:02 PM

Just hope that FS will follow some advises to bring people again on the game and hope they will contact you as it seems you looks voluntary for the work !

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 08:53 PM

View PostFrankie V, on 14 April 2017 - 08:20 PM, said:

Or we can just make a sex tape.

View PostNoYd, on 14 April 2017 - 08:36 PM, said:

I'm Chinese :(

Why is being Chinese a negative attribute for a sex tape?

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Posted 18 April 2017 - 06:17 PM

A couple of things came to mind reading this. So I wanted to use this opportunity to throw in two ideas:
Have you ever thought about fundraising as in indiegogo or kickstarter? I am sure there are a good handful of people who would be willing to donate a few bucks if it speeds up the development or perhaps offers some other sort of impact on the future content. I know we can donate - but I think many people aren't aware of it. And others might not be willing to donate money if they can't tell what it's going to be used for.
On the other hand I thought about job descriptions. As in voluntary positions for areas you need help with. Marketing could be such a thing, or Frontend developers, designers or UI/UX Advisors or whoever else. And again - I know that everyone who is willing to help can contact you directly anyway. However we don't really know, if you are lacking manpower in some areas, making those things more public and letting the community know might help.


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