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Urban Terror 4.3.3 release Rate Topic: -----

#2 User is offline   Killerkarla Icon

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Posted 01 March 2018 - 12:05 AM

What happened to the open 9 issues marked for rel 4.3.3?
Criitical and high prio issues are still open?

Anyway, all updated and improvements are highly appreciated, so thanks for the new version.

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#3 User is offline   howhigh Icon

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Posted 01 March 2018 - 01:46 AM

while on 4.3.2 i've had no problems playing popular maps 5v5 with stable 125fps, on 4.3.3 i have fps drops even with 7~8 players on the server.

when can we expect a fix for that (4.3.4)?

#5 User is offline   R0LEX Icon

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Posted 03 March 2018 - 08:09 AM

For me this version 4.3.3 is the best . No lag No fps drops and very fluid . Thanks FS

#6 User is offline   jreed Icon

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Posted 04 March 2018 - 03:30 AM

This does not work for me. I click run on the ut 4.3.3 64 bit linux client. Yes i have perms to run and still does not load.

./Quake3-UrT.x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: libSDL-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
looking into the libSDL-1.2.so.0 this is a new install of unbuntu 16.04
the follwing fixed this error. This is for Unbutu 16.04 64 Bit
sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2debian:i386
sudo apt-get install libsdl-image1.2:i386
sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386
sudo apt-get install libsdl-ttf2.0-0:i386
sudo apt-get install libglu1-mesa:i386
sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2debian libsdl-image1.2 libsdl-ttf2.0-0
This worked for me i can not be sure if it will work for some so back that data up before you try you have be warned heeh good luck.

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#7 User is offline   Xxone Icon

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 09:31 AM

These new installed bots are crazy precise with aiming and shooting. I tried different values on them, but it seems like they are always in "nightmare" mode.
Is there a way to ease them down?

#8 User is offline   Alabanda Icon

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Posted 10 March 2018 - 02:22 PM

View PostBarbatos, on 28 February 2018 - 10:58 PM, said:

[text]news 516[/text]

Hi, guys. First of all thanks for the wonderful game!.
I downloaded the 4.3.3 release but unfortunately it didn't work. This is the output I get:

Initializing OpenGL display
...setting mode 8: 1280 1024
X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
Major opcode of failed request: 152 (XFree86-VidModeExtension)
Minor opcode of failed request: 10 (XF86VidModeSwitchToMode)
Value in failed request: 0x28f
Serial number of failed request: 141
Current serial number in output stream: 143

What can I do in this case?

#10 User is offline   Alabanda Icon

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Posted 10 March 2018 - 06:10 PM

View PostBarbatos, on 10 March 2018 - 04:03 PM, said:

@Alabanda: Was it previously working on this operating system, or is it the first time you try running the game on Linux?

It probably has something to do with your GPU drivers:

@barbatos Thanks for your answer.
I use linux mint 17 "quiana". I have been playing Urt (4.3.2) for a year without problems with this linux distro. I installed the security update in january without problems. I followed the steps on the link that you kindly showed me. But to no avail. Maybe I should simply install the newest mint version. And again, thanks for the awesome game!

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