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Posted 22 April 2018 - 06:39 PM

Hi this is my firts map
only ctf and tdm max players:30



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Posted 22 April 2018 - 11:51 PM

Congratulations! But I’d recommend you take some time to learn how UrT gameplay works. This is not a dismissal along the lines of “learn to play, noob”! You need to figure out what makes a playable map, let alone a fun one, before you can hope to get anywhere.

  • First things first. There’s a critical mistake many beginners make: editing existing shaders or textures. Never, ever do that, this will cause conflicts with the original ones. Always rename your versions. For example, if you want add nodamage to textures/codey1/none_slip2, name your shader textures/logoon/none_slip2 (you don’t have to make a copy of the actual image file, the map keyword can still point to textures/codey1/none_slip2.jpg). Always use unique names for your assets — textures, shaders (and .shader files!), sounds, etc. (Simply reusing existing assets without modifying them in any way is fine.)
  • The map is absolutely gigantic, huge, humongous, massively oversized, positively cyclopean. Capping a flag took me good half a minute which is way too long. (It’s about ten seconds on Riyadh, the largest of the default maps.) Regarding the map’s height: in Urban Terror maps, there are very few places that kill you when you make a mistake (even on Uptown, most falls leave you with some health). Logoon on the other hand has several areas where the railings are so low you could easily jump over them in the heat of the battle.
  • I’m not going to say anything about the theme — abstract maps are just as valid as ones copying real-life environments. However the layout makes no sense, gameplay-wise, and it’s extremely open (it’s going to lag a lot with more than a few players). There are spots where you can see nearly all of the map and this along with the ludicrously long sightlines makes it a camper’s paradise. Which is fine, if that’s what you wanted, but CTF is impossible on this map unless the server admin bans scoped weapons.
  • The build quality is terrible, there are misaligned brushes all over the place and some of the ramps hover ominously over the floor (there’s at least one spot where the end of the ramp is so high above the ground it blocks your movement).
  • It’s extremely dark. This is the easiest problem to fix, of course.

Plus a minor note: you only need the .BSP and .TGA files in your maps/ folder. .PRT and .SRF are only used during compilation and .BAK is a backup of the .MAP file (every time you save your map, Radiant creates a backup of the previous save state — if your work file gets corrupted, you will still have a slightly older version available and don’t have to start from scratch again).
Beginner’s Guide to Urban Terror (woefully out of date)
Daily Deadnade (Last updated September 9, 2016)

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