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What is with all the obvious Cheating and NO Banning??

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 07:19 PM

I'd like to add that I do appreciate the service FA has done running this server, I'd rather have it than not even at it's current state. I'm mostly afraid that with all the hacking, we're going to lose the real players. And then even the hacks won't want to play because the only fun to them is having fair play noobs to own.

There are good people in the FA clan as well, Cat has always been upstanding and never felt like a hacker I'm sure to many. All I want is honesty, and not to lose a game I've been playing since I was a wee boy. Nothing else compares to UrT, don't ruin it.

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Posted 30 December 2018 - 05:23 AM

As any discussion in this direction, this is at least getting close to the point of derailing now.

So i will throw in my 2 cents, ask you to only reply if there is an actual discussion to be had on a game (and not server/clan policy) related topic and otherwise consider this thread finished.

Regarding the deployment of anticheat software, i dont see this happening for any idtech based version of UrT for a couple of reasons:
  • Work required. UrT: Resurgence is already in a advanced stage of development on the UE4 engine, and will possibly/probably make use of VAC
  • Licensing. While methods to ensure a pk3 checksume are in place (sv_pure), it may very well not be possible for FS to enfore a build of the executables. If i understand the current situation with idtech3, it all depends on UrT technically being a Q3A mod. So it has to run with other builds and not just an FS provided one.

Regarding the percieved prevalence of cheating, I dont think cheating is "everywhere". There probably are cheaters, but there also are just really good players.
  • I'm a bit biased on this topic, as a result from previous encounters
  • I havent player much UrT in this year, but i didnt get the impression it got any "worse".
  • The few players i found "suspicous" (as in terribly good, but not blatant 360 aimbots) were still fine after some deeper look at it. Its one thing to get killed by someone a couple of times in a row and think to your self that they are cheating, but a completly different thing to actually evaluate the situation. You spec them, see they have really good movement, crosshair placement and so on. You play against them, and can hold a reasonable scoreline in direct comparison.

Sorry for my bad spelling - I am still asleep. :)

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 01:38 AM

I don't have the expertise to spot a hacker so I don't attempt to do it, at all, ever. However, since I am involved with the FA server, I will say that, in general, there is no preferential treatment. Bad cheaters are easy to spot. However, it's really difficult to tell the difference between a good cheater and a great player. Just because someone gets a bunch of headshots doesn't make them a hacker. Sometimes you have to look at how long someone has been playing, if their abilities ever seem to change, and if there is ever anything absolutely blatant you can identify in demos. If a player has been playing for many, many years, they are consistently good, at least a dozen demos of them have been submitted over the years but NOT ONE shows anything completely definitive, we may err on the side of caution and say there is a possibility that they're just really good. I know there are a few players that fit this description; the 'lists' that you mentioned are really just players that we believe to be really good. If we ever do get information to suggest they are cheating, then they will be banned, but given the amount of inconclusive evidence we've seen, we need a demo that catches them in the act.

If there is a random player we've never seen, they don't appear to otherwise play the game particularly well, and they show any clear signs of hacking, they will be banned ASAP, as long as we have a demo. In most cases players don't bother taking demos and then complain that hackers are prevalent. This is unfortunate.

Regarding the ability to submit demos, this can always be done at fallin-angels.org. However, due to severe abuse over the years, and increasing ability of bots to break captchas etc., our registration process is rather unpleasant. This is NOT an attempt to prevent people from submitting demos of hackers, and was done only after several less oppressive means of verification failed. Being a popular gaming server gets you on several people's shitlists, and as a freely accessible hobbyist server staffed by volunteers with real lives, we sometimes need to restrict access to make running the server manageable.

I don't often check this forum but if you PM me here with any trouble you're having accessing the site, I can try to help out (though I am not the administrator, so I may not be able to help with everything).

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