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What are the ambitions for Resurgence ?

#22 User is offline   Kirstenwilliamson23 Icon

Posted 08 June 2021 - 05:40 AM

View Postscylk, on 27 June 2019 - 04:16 PM, said:

I can see why the development pace is being so slow, if this is enough to confuse you.

4 years is the time it took for Battalion 1944 to be released after its Kickstarter campaign. This is an example of what can be done with an UE4 fps when the developers actually try to make something out of it.

10 years is the time in which Urban Terror hasn't made any progress. Yes, it peaked approximatively in 2009 in terms of playerbase and community, which is what really matters.

5 years is the time I thought you've been working on Resurgence, but apparently I was wrong. I've been told that it's actually closer to 7 years by now, as the decision to switch on UE4 was made in fall 2013.

By the way, developers deriding me instead of trying to address my questions actually tells a lot.

What were the problems? Is the industry toxic and not that as exciting as it seems?

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Posted 17 December 2021 - 10:18 PM

View PostKirstenwilliamson23, on 08 June 2021 - 05:40 AM, said:

What were the problems? Is the industry toxic and not that as exciting as it seems?

Summary of the industry:
Excuse of passion to actually exploit you.

Worked in sound design there and the industry is very toxic. Indie is nice but requires a lot of dedication because basically you have to do everything so it's a lot of work, a lot of unpaid overtime, you're basically sacrifying your life for your passion with 99% chance of failure. Lots of indie games come out but never make a financial success so basically you worked your ass off for nothing. Just compare it to all the entertainement industry basically. Music industry, film industry, it's all the same. There is so much competition, you have to be better in both development, art, sound design, marketing, everything, and also be very lucky to succeed. How many awesome games I saw just fell into abyss because they just weren't lucky. Good marketing, hell lot of fun playing it, just no luck. The big companies are even worse to me, you may have less overtime but a lot of crush few weeks before you release a game, you have less responsibilites, managers, and your work is more diluted in the grand scheme of things. So all in all it's the same, just corporate culture and all the negative sides coming with it.

I can understand the hard position of FS team and also the disappointment of the community. It's a team of passionate people, doing their best to produce something awesome which seems so simple but is actually so hard to create. When you are just a player you don't understand how hard it is to create a game but also get feedback from your community and especially dealing with the negative one. And it's understandable, I've been there, until I worked in the industry. And now the only thing I'm seeing as a whole in the industry is a lack of transparency and communication. A lack of communication on the difficulty of making a game. I mean it's also understandable, you're not gonna say "wait everyone, it's hard to make a game, please be good with us". People don't really care because they have not been there. Of course for 0.01% of "awesome people" at "awesome studios" it's not "that hard" to create a game, but trust me, a game is a hell of a technology miracle. It requires a lot of team effort, a lot of creativity, a lot of everything. We need everyone, and when one game stands out, it's a pure miracle, it just means everyone is kinda on the same page, on something which is so complex.

So yeah, it's not a lack of ambition. I think FS team really wants to release the most awesome game they can release, and I also think UrT community wants also the best for the game, comparing it to nowadays standards. But please everyone, keep in mind this is hard for everyone, developers and players. It's VERY hard to develop a game. And we should be grateful that we have such a dedicated team still working on the game. I would have abandoned the project personally, and they are still fkn here. WTF? Are you fkn mad still believing in UrT? I stopped believing in it years ago, and you're there working your ass off. WTF? You are insane, and that's what I like about you. Persistence. SO yeah, they are doing their best on their free time and I think we should all respect that. But also devs, you already know this, but thousands of people made great memories on this game. It's like a love relationship, it's been part of player's lives, deeply, in their childhood, teenagers years or even after. UrbanTerror was something awesome at a time. It was friendships, it was clans, it was tournaments, it was jump servers, it was fkn Nations Cup, it was everything. It is not anymore due to impossible competition in multiplayer FPS games. And it's ok, no worries, stay focused. But what's awesome is that there are still people remembering the game coming here to discuss, and people developing a better version of the game on the free time. How??

We're all in the same shit, wanting for something of the past to become something of the present, something awesome we could all enjoy and get the same sensations we had, but even better. But between dreams and reality, there is such a void, and conflicts can happen very fast because of a lack of understanding on both sides. So ffs, please devs, continue to work on this awesome game, even if it doesn't happen it is still worth it because we appreciate your effort, your persistence and your dedication. And ffs players, be mindful of how much it's hard to develop a game. And if you still don't empathize, download UE4, and begin to make a fork of UrT for just 2 weeks. You will understand after that why the game is still in development.

Let's just remember the good days, and the shit fun we had on this game and the shit fun we maybe will have, I hope :)

Love everyone, take care.

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Posted 19 December 2021 - 11:45 PM

I'd argue that it is not necessary to have a game developing experience (sure, for details you need exp, but for a basic concept you don't) to see how hard is to do a game.
A little commonsense and a bit of searching before asking questions can help.
As for seeing the difficulty with explaining one and the same thing to dumb people I can tell you that I've seen that kind of topic way too often for my liking.
The 2nd time you see it it tiring and boring, and I've seen it like 1000.
As of why FS devs always try to answer as if it brand new is beyond me. It is the same old copy-pasted topic. I for instance in their case would do templates.
This and this topic, same question, this template. Loses less time, less annoyance. Why is there an FAQ section? Isn't it for such cases?
It is pretty much a FAQ question. And it is always asked in the very same manner.

The other problem is that usually someone who has no basic clue of anything is telling you what to do. Of such people, I really got an allergy.
Why are even popular game developers mentioned?! Like they are good at doing video games.
'' But they are pro '' Like being a professional is some guarantee of quality.
And indeed it is not quality, nor creativity which is desired, but quantity.
They are not even trying to do games in the first place, but a commercial product that earns money.
Copy-Paste next year, the dumb consumer base doesn't mind, not at all.
They've proven for at least 15-16 years that they(pro devs) are nothing, but idiots.
(And the regress started much earlier. Let's not forget that the thing-that-shouldn't-be-named is made in 1999)

If you like even remotely the commercial games go to a psychiatrist. And you need a good one.
If there were not a mass of mindless consumers their so-called ''games'' wouldn't have even a single sell and declare a well-deserved bankruptcy. Not to mention a ruined reputation for life.

As for making a game/games on your own, I forgot to mention that there are already pampered solutions.
So what is really considered as making a valid game?
One can produce relatively easy an application with the most basic functionality that will poorly work 1 of 100 000 times.
The rest of the tryed it will not even start or it will bug badly soon after the program cycle is commencing.
Does that count for real?

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