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Stuttering, freezing, tearing, with 125 fps and low ping Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 25 January 2020 - 09:20 PM

Hi guys, since 4.3 release I have not been able to play this game decently... I was used to play with high sens and accuracy for jumping, since 4.3 release something happened, I started to have a sort of microstuttering, it looked like fps drops, but the fps counter is always at steady 125, and i'm playing on a Ryzen 1600 and a gtx 970, so there should be no hardware issues. I have no issues on any other game. At start I thought it was a mouse problem, I was playing on a Deathadder, so I switched to a G402 just for this reason, to find out that I had the same problems. Sometimes if I change some video settings and apply them, for a few minutes it works almost normally, decently smooth, but after some minutes it gets back to freeze, stutter, sometimes it's very subtle, some others it's quite evident, but in any case it prevents me from moving as I'm used to. My jumps are slow, I can't gain speed, and when it's worst it's like if the mouse sensor gets stuck and if i'm turning fast 90 degrees for a jump, it just gets stuck at 10 degrees. It's not a mouse issue because as I said I tried another mouse. I tried to change the mouse API in the config, and it's weird, because sometimes with "in_mouse -1" works fine for some minutes, sometimes with +1, but in any case it always drops and starts to stutter after some minutes of playing. It's like, no matter what I try, matter of minutes it starts to make problems. I got to the point of thinking that it's just me that have got crazy...

I just had a day, some weeks ago, when I was able to play a full hour or more normally, a perfect smooth experience, and it was like playing a totally different game.

To now I was not able to understand what the issue is. It doesn't look to be hardware. Surely it's not network related.

I don't know if it's driver related, or OS related (Win 10).

I'll try on linux soon to see if it's different.

Any suggestion?

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Posted 13 February 2020 - 01:45 PM

I'm no expert, but let's try narrowing down if it's server based or client
based since I am having similar issues, but I believe my issues are server
side based, not my client. It seems to me, that servers that don't reset
regurlarly (and do use xlrstats etc.) start to perform less accurate after
some time (multiple hours usually).

What you described might not be the same thing though.


So, just to be sure, let's make some defining questions:

* I see you have tried different settings and different hardware, but how
does restarting the client respond? Does it keep on stuttering or is it
good after client restart for a while and then after a little while
reinstates the symptoms?

* Does this happen on different servers during the same playing event
(eg. you switch server and symptoms stay)?

* Have you been on a server, that has been JUST resetted and, if so,
did the symptoms occur?

* When you play, do the servers you play have xlrstats etc. plugins on,
off or both (if playing on multiple servers)?


This is just speculation, because like I said, I'm no expert, but answering
these questions would possibly help someone more experienced to locate
the issue, narrow it down and maybe help you further. If you've tested all
this before and are sure it's your client, then just discard what I wrote
before :rolleyes:


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