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The Game and Community are done unless you address cheating. Rate Topic: *---- 1 Votes

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Posted 24 March 2022 - 12:46 PM

View PostHiimdash, on 03 January 2021 - 05:10 AM, said:

People have been playing URT since 'Nam.


They come to kill the Rooster!

-- Necroing threads since '96

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Posted 24 March 2022 - 12:52 PM

View PostIye, on 19 December 2020 - 12:03 PM, said:

Yes. I do not know whether there are plans to release a non steam version. Considering the game is going to use a lot of steam features it may not be possible, but that is speculation on my part.

Personally i would like a non steam version (though i do use steam on a daily basis), simply on principle. You were always able to play UrT by just downloading it and hopping onto a server, no hoops attached. I do see that the features steam provides (master servers, distribution, friends list, AC, ...) probably outweight such idealist concerns as they are rather niche.

I don't use Steam for games. It would be a shame if it was only released on Steam. I do use GoG etc, but almost always there are features that are only released on Steam and therefore absent in Non-Steam versions.

Been waiting for UrT HD (or whatever new name you like to add) since ~'08 when it was first announced. TBH As long there is still a community for it, I'm happy to stick with Quake3 as the base for UrT. Having said that, I was told that the new engine is based off of Borderlands, and that is a sweet engine (from a non-dev standpoint).

-- Necroing threads since '96

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Posted 15 May 2022 - 08:25 PM

Cheats are the biggest thing driving good players away from this game no doubt about it. But if you mention it around the large group who cheats at this game you will get so much dung thrown at you and gaslighting type BS it's crazy. There is certainly a cabal of cheaters that need more fair play noobs to pwn that want to keep it that way. Some quotes from around the interwebs:

From: https://www.reddit.c...eople_cheat_in/


Then you have urban terror. Where everyone REALLY IS wallhacking (even all the admins), and it's a game so old that it's basically ettiquete to wallhack and pretend you are not, even though everyone knows everyone else is.

From: https://gaming.stack...ent124465_90304


Actually I stopped playing because I came to realize that a lot of the "good" players are cheating. Yes, there are skilled players in UT and every game, but like Tremulous and many other Q2/Q3 based games - the "pros" are often just cheaters and hackers. Lame, but true. It also got annoying when administrators knew this and ignored it.

From: https://www.reddit.c...9cbz/?context=3


As someone who used hacks in a game called Urban Terror (it was at the end of its life cycle and 90% of players used hacks and the only way to get the game came packaged with hacks), I can tell you for a fact you don't see 50% of hackers. Assuming MW hacks have similar features, you can set an FOV for a snap-on. Someone who doesn't want to get caught uses it like advanced aim assist. Someone who's an idiot/doesn't care is the one you see in those clips where they are just spinning in circles snapping to heads.

From: this Steam discussion about cheaters.


urban terror is a game so wrought with hackers you have to ban entire nations ip ranges to play a normal game now adays

From: this Ubuntu forums post


i have played nexuiz almost a year and i never saw a cheater and have never seen you play there alot of skilled players those players have played quite awhile and have incridiable aim and movement so its all skill i also play urban terror lots of hacks there

There is a culture of underhanded, hidden cheating in this game. Partially that is because nobody wants it to die. But at the same time nobody wants to do anything to deal with it. So the message is the large group still playing has many, many cheaters and they all like it that way?

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Posted 15 May 2022 - 08:42 PM

View PostFrankie V, on 14 August 2020 - 02:44 AM, said:

Well as an update we are doing something about cheaters. We are working on UrT5 and will let Valve handle the cheaters. ;)


playing CS:GO and have to say CS:GO is full of cheaters. When I say cheaters I mean those you can't beat. CS:GO had first cheats I ever saw that I was not able to beat. Texture hack, aimbot and wallhack in one.
And many people saying Urban Terror lost lot of players, well maybe, but I have installed several versions of the game. Did you know that despite of just few servers, V4.2.023 is very well visited?
There is a lot of people that adore this game. I miss skeetshots server tho.
Hope you guys will continue to run all those versions even when UrT 5 comes out.

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Posted 15 May 2022 - 08:54 PM

View PostTotalnoob, on 25 August 2020 - 09:01 AM, said:

There are probably a lot more cheaters than people think. A good player with a wallhack and aimbot are not provable as cheaters because they know not to obviously track players through walls and they keep the LOA setting on the aimbot low so it only takes over in the last couple of degrees, but you still can tell they know where everyone is, and they still make amazing spinning head shots, you just can't prove it.

And most admins don't care.

Oh but I can. For example in CS:GO I can see cheater inside of 20 seconds. When I exposed cheaters in Deus Ex and Urban Terror people laughed at me, later I found proofs and several websites where they shared them around for Urban Terror, and several people in Deus Ex. I reported things in Apex Legends, you had there shield evolution + refuel when he is cracked + team respawn in waves even when one of them dead and many insane things.
In CS:GO i reporting people on daily basis, not because they are better than me, its because even when I beat cheater, why should I play on 200 %, and he does basically nothing? There is tho one cheat in CS:GO, ONLY cheat ever, that even I could not beat. Had wallhack, aimbot + texture hack in one. Literally can kill you from other part of map with aim in the ground.

There is trick tho, press tab, right click on his nickname, and report his profile directly, when you will report, explain what he is doing. Some of them are super smart, as you said, hard to prove, BUT, put notification that he probably has bind for cheat (meaning he is activating cheat only when they start to lose). You can see wallhack if he is tracking player (specially when he is alone against multiple players, then he cant hide it since he has to kill them fast), also you will see target locks + fast turns away. Some are pros at hidding that, but I can expose them all after just 20 seconds. Playing over 20 years, fast eye, catches every single cheat fast. In reports you can always ask moderators to spectate them longer or few rounds, and they will catch them if there will be desire on their side. That goes for CS:GO, other games probably have other means of reports. That was just one example.

I had reputation as paranoid player (on many games), problem is that I beaten most of those players (even cheaters in those games who called me out 1:1), and I always proved I was right about most of them. You have to realize sometimes cheaters will be even protected by server owners, or friends of high ranked people in the game, you will be mocked by the society, but truth climbs out sooner or later.

BUT, guess what, those cheaters are responsible why I am so good player in so many games. Last few years playing only for fun, but if they didnt force me to go into the next level I would probably not be able to beat them or recognize them in regular gameplay.

Important is to have fun, once you see cheater, just change server, report him, and dont allow him to ruin your day. He just aint worth, my recommendation.

This post has been edited by Luckycro: 15 May 2022 - 09:02 PM


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Posted 16 May 2022 - 09:18 PM

Found some more:

From: https://www.reddit.c...ilable_for_mac/


FYI, Urban Terror is available for Mac and Linux, and is better than Counter Strike. Not in a "it's almost as good but better because it's open" way, but, if Counter Strike was $4.99, and Urban Terror was $49.99, UT would still be better.

Warning: Just don't play on public servers as 101.293% of people are using wallhacks and cheating, even those accusing OTHERS of using wallhacks.

From: https://www.reddit.c...petitive_games/


Used to play a game called Urban Terror, a CS:Source clone. Near the end of the game's life, you could could easily get wall hacks and aimbots for it. My friends and I installed what was called MomBot. We had a blast trolling people. After a while, everyone had the same hacks and it was a beautiful shitshow, and the game turned into who could navigate the map perfectly.

From: https://www.reddit.c...petitive_games/


I played a CS clone long after its heyday, Urban Terror. Everyone had hacks. Infact, one of the only ways to download the game at one point, just straight up came with wallhacks and aimbot. It was a fkn blast.

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Posted 26 May 2022 - 07:14 PM

Well, well, well.

New guy here; been messing about with these boxes of black magic for well over 40 years. Wouldn't call myself a 'gamer', not really; I just like summat to pass the time with on the odd occasion when I'm at a loose end.

Couldn't care less about playing the game 'properly'. Couldn't care about high scores, or proving I'm better than everyone else. I just like PLAYING the game.....even at my very basic level. I don't care how often I get killed, or knocked down & out, whatever.

These things are irrelevant to me.

I certainly don't bother with high-falutin', top-end AAA+ titles. Give me summat like UrbanTerror, Xonotic, or RedEclipse.....any half-way reasonable FPS will do. Even Half-Life2 will grab my interest, some days.

So why waste my time even bothering IF I'm not going to do it 'properly', I hear some of you say..? I repeat; I just like playing, for the sake of playing. Hell, I even used to like messing about with Doom (the original, for you young'uns).

Enjoy your games FOR THEIR OWN SAKE. It's not rocket science. And simply appreciate the immense amount of effort that goes into making these things. I code'n'stuff in Linux; have done for many years. I KNOW how much work must go into this stuff. Trust me, you guys don't know you're born....

MiqW. :wink:

This post has been edited by Miqqiw73: 26 May 2022 - 07:18 PM

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Posted 04 September 2022 - 09:51 PM

'' Wir wollen viel, wir können nichts ''

From those you can tell that UrT is a game, one has barely heard of, let alone seen something of it.
''Look at me'' cheating in ''exotic game'', how cool is that?
Also, cheated in SC before it got released (check the date of release of SC and his
claim when he cheated since.)
If by cabal you mean some random few fools dreaming of cheating to sounds cool
as the ''cool kids'' of the day do.

Miqqiw73, got it kinda right.

High scores, let alone any kinda scores are for newbies
(And regardless of the popular misconception there is
HUGE difference between a noob and a newbie.)

Winning is doing the proper thing. As of being ''number one''.
You can't. It is impossible. There is always someone better...
(Honestly, it is most suitable to talk of ''best known'' player or ''number one known player''
which doesn't mean so much as you'd think).

UrT, Quake
, UT and etc got some idea. Underdeveloped one. Too shallow, but ''we hate thinking''.
''The new flashy Quake is here!'' instead of looking at what new gameplay features
it introduces and possibilities. And it got them, kinda.
Nowhere near perfect, but just wait to see what is coming next.
If you don't like corporative ''gaming'' you will like what is coming next.

Some of them were wronger. Just industry wasn't kicking yet.
Wrong - right direction to go!
Stupid consumers like you needed.
NEWER SHIT PRESENTING THEMSELVES (being presented as games by economists
knowing just how to lie gullible naive crowd like you) as does pretty much
''packaging duty'' only. Don't mind the excrement inside. Enjoy!

''But why I shall stick to Urt?'' - '' It is the same as other old games, isn't it? ''-
Answer: ''Pretty much yes, especially for now which is ''now'' is dead for good''
BUT FS is still there and there were new thing and approaches to gameplay and game development (probably).

''How can I be lost
If I've got nowhere to go?''

AFTERMATH of SHITNESS falling from the ceiling:

Awaiting for the day that never comes.
And the one game that will beat (very unlikely)
all the odds.

Or is it the illusory thinking of the foolish old mind of a stupid idealist?!
Who knows?


UrT 5.0?

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Posted 13 October 2022 - 12:02 PM


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Posted 21 November 2022 - 06:32 AM

I used to feel like cheating was a huge thing until some $hit called me a cheater.

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