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old versions versus new

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Posted 17 May 2020 - 11:48 AM

Hi all,
I have recently started playing UT after a long break and I have revisited some of the maps I created way back.
ut4_vasey took a long time and had alot of play testing before release to iron out any errors. I don't see any value in changing it. However with hardward being more capable now I would like to add more detail to it at a later date.
ut4_carlot was done much quicker and has one or two things I would like to change in it, errors and maybe a few more rooms.
I de-compliled the map and have set up GTKradiant 1.3 (the one i used to create the maps) 1.4 - seems very similar and 1.5 which seems to be a 'lite' version of the previous but with options during set up that have at least allowed me to load textures.(set fs_game) This means this is the only version that works properly displaying textures.

Within 1.5 I can open the map file and go straight to recompile it and it errors 'max map visibility exceeded' as well as a leaky brush. Ive tried multiple things to resolve the leaky brush and short of removing the func-rotate attribute of the items i think its going to leak. I dont want to do this. And im not sure why the other error is happening since i had no problem compiling the map originally in gtk version 1.3. When designing the map i spent alot of time dividing the map up with vis in mind to get the fps to 125. Being a small map this wasnt a problem, in Vasey it took weeks! its massive and the terrain makes it difficult not to have a few long draw distances.


I want to try and edit it back in GTK 1.3 or 1.4 to see if it eliminates the issues when recompiling the map.
Can anyone give me a quick step by step or point me somewhere where I can check to see i have set the earlier version up correctly within windows 10.

I questioned why bother mate? Just play the game! I guess the answer is a 2 part one. My 9 year old daughter wants to start mapping as her IT lockdown project - awesome! and it is that it seems wherever I play theres always someone using an aim hack that is a lot more sophisticated than they used to be and no server admin to sort it out. No matter how sophisticated the hack when someone keeps spinning round and looking at walls and shortly after walking in there and shooting them instantly it pretty obvious however subtle the hack is. Sorry i have digressed but there was always a dim view taken on cheats and something was done. Maybe its the old fart in me but i started playing UT when it was version 1.1 and a mod of quake 3....please someone enlighten me as to when that was only I cant remember how old my voodoo card would be now :D. (maybe about 2000)

Heres a list of my 'Tags' say Hi if we have shot each other!


cheers, Ed

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