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Start Mapping With Urban Terror Map Maker Rate Topic: ***** 1 Votes

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Posted 09 August 2007 - 03:35 PM

Uploaded to http://vlaai.snt.utw.../maps/mapmaker/

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 03:11 PM

nm I got it

#13 User is offline   petom0 (old) Icon

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Posted 22 December 2007 - 01:06 AM

I seem to have a problem with the mapmaker. Whenever I try to start it, it says it doesn't recognize the program, even though I have Urban Terror installed. Do I need to download something else to get it to work?

Any help appreciated.

#14 User is offline   MC Artman (old) Icon

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Posted 24 December 2007 - 06:23 AM

I'm going to assume that this works with 1.5, right?

#15 User is offline   Nightcrawl (old) Icon

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Posted 04 January 2008 - 12:27 PM

Hello all mappers!

short version: Should this work with the latest 4.1? If so, I don't get it to work. If it doesn't, anyone who can direct me to some guide on how to set up gtk?

longer version
I'm Nightcrawl, used to play UT some good years back from now and also messed around a bit with creating some maps (none got finished however). This was for one of the q3 versions of UT.

So, I downloaded the above and thought it sounded like an easy start to get down to business again. But, unfortunately - without little success.

I followed the instructions given, but at several times I got a "File not found" in the command window (i.e. the command tried to copy a file from the q3ut4 directory, but when I searched for it was in q3ut4scripts for example).

Where it was "file not found" and I could see the string for the "copy blablabla to blahahatada" I did that manually.

When it all then was installed and good to go, I still had problems with the shaders - none of the UT shaders (i.e. ut_koth) were in the list.

All in all, I've been editing a number of files manually to correctly set up all paths, sometimes not sure of what I'm doing, but when there is some path telling me to go to c:game"something""something" which I have never specified (and doesn't exist), I'm figuring something is wrong.

In the end though, I got the shaders to show correctly in gtk but then I tried to run the BSP and it couldn't locate the file (the .exe I'd guess).

So what do I want from this? Well, if someone could specify exactly which files include which paths and how to set them, I'd be a very happy mapper.
To note, I have my windows on drive e: but installed gtk (as well as UrT 4.1) to c: letter. But I also had to change paths in some files during the installation to c:

(also, I'm aware of the need to use forward slashes ( / ) instead of ( ) and has double checked that on the paths. If I could get the bsp program to run, I just might be OK. Can I set this up directly in GTK, or do I need to do it manually in some text document?

Sorry for the lack of structure in the post - I'd love your simple response if this DO work with the latest version of UT. Because, then I know if I'm doing wrong or if it isn't supposed to be :)

Anyway, have a nice weekend!


#16 User is offline   Nightcrawl (old) Icon

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Posted 04 January 2008 - 02:47 PM

Hi all,

I tried to install this 5 times or something by now. But finally it seems as I got it to work.
My main issue was that I didn't use default paths and that my windows is in swedish. I also missed out on a few path files.

So for the last time, I put record on what I did in a notepad file, and made sure I read it all through and all that.
Seems like it worked. I'll put it here, just in case someone else might have the very same problem.

If you really want this to be very smooth. I guess you will want windows in english language and windows installed on the C: drive.
It's said somewhere in the instructions, but do note that you use the same type of slashes when typing in paths - Use forward slashes /////.

/////// is good
is bad
I did use forward slashes when installing the software and editing the .bat files. However, for the .proj files and such, use forward slashes.
Also, to make sure, see what type of slashes that is already being used in the specific file you are editing

The below is how I went forward, editing misstakes/errors. I tried to highlight bad parts (red) and good parts/work arounds in yellow to make it a tad bit easier.
I also added some comments to my procedure for anyone else to understand it better.
Enjoy ;)


unpacked zpak000.pk3
unpacked zpak000_assets.pk3 <--- The HTML that gives you the initial instruction doesn't tell you to do this specificly, so don't forget!
unpacked ut4_mapmaker_v02.pk3

Run INSTALL_urt4_mapmaker_v02.bat

.bat file says "In the right directory" in the command window

However, I then got

Failed to open the .bat
C:Program isn't a command

Seems as if it didnt find what it was looking for
Restarted .bat file manually

Tried again.

Run INSTALL_urt4_mapmaker_v02.bat
Failed to open the .bat
C:Program isn't a command

Closed the command window down

Some path in the .bat file is wrong so I proceeded to manually open the .bat file (with notepad)

edited the line:
set q3ut4_path=C:Program FilesioUrbanTerror_1.0q3ut4
set q3ut4_path=E:ProgramUrbanTerrorq3ut4

Then I saved my changes and ran it again

"Now executing" is correct.
Press a key to continue
Key pressed
Press a key to instal gtk environment
Key pressed

Running install for gtk environment, installed to

"Press a key to install gtkRadiant-1.4"
Key pressed
Running install

Installed at

Q3 Path set to (Set this to your Urbanterror Gamdir)
I choose foldername q3Radiant-1.4, i'd recommend you to leave it at default, Radiant-1.4. I only renamed it to keep it seperate from the two below, as I was unsure of what I was doing

RTCW Path set to (this can be whatever, will create the folders)
foldername to rtcwRadiant-1.4

RTCW ET path set to (this can be whatever, will create the folders)
foldername to etRadiant-1.4

If you during the GTK install unclick all the RTCW and RTCW:Enemy Territory files, no files will be added to these folders, so I guess you can delete these folders or set it to your temp dir or whatever. But if you do have RTCW/RTCW:ET installed, you should probably set this to those game dirs if you wish to map for those games.

---Installs finished, back to the Mapmaker .bat file--
It says it got updated, now saying "next edit the directory locations within local.pref.
It doesn't find the file!!!

A search on e: drive shows local.pref in q3ut4files
Open in notepad, editing default paths (C:/Program Files/Quake3/q3ut4/)
to e:/Program/urbanterror/q3ut4/ (find and replace used)
*Double check that it looks good successfull* (visual)
Saved and closed file local.pref

-back to .bat file-
"press key to continue"
key pressed

Failed to copy my existing local.pref (not found)
0 files copied

press key to continue

It exists in the q3ut4files directory. Tries to being copied to
(my directory is called q3radiant-1.4, manually copying from q3ut4files to q3radiant-1.4)
(double checking that the file has correct paths, which it has)

-back to .bat file-
"press key to continue"
key pressed

Edit directory locations within q3ut4_default.proj

"Press key"
key pressed

cannot find the search path for notepad (i have windows on e: drive, probably why)
"press key"

searching for q3ut4_default.proj on e: drive, again in q3ut4files

default path is C:/Program Files/quake3/q3ut4
search and replaced with E:/Program/UrbanTerror/q3ut4
path now seem to be correct.

default path for bsp prog is C:/Program Files/GtkRadiant-1.4/    <---- i missed to edit this earlier. Make sure you edit all these locations!
changed to E:/Program/UrbanTerror/q3Radiant-1.4

default path for q3 is (C:/games/violence/quake3)
changed to E:/Program/UrbanTerror
paths looks correct now
saved and closed

-back to .bat-
"Press key to continue"
key pressed

copies my q3ut4_default.proj to the scripts directory, successfully
Pressing key to continue

Copying q3map2 program fails, wants to copy to c:program filesgtkRadiant-1.4 (and add a .bak to the exefile)
then tries to copy q3map2.exe from the q3utfiles directory to C:program filesgtkradiant-1.4q3map2.exe),
which fails, there is no such path on c:
(the file exist in the q3utfiles though)

Manually copying to the E:ProgramUrbanTerrorq3Radiant-1.4 directory

tries to create a desktop shortcut, but the default path is incorrent, my windows is in swedish and the UsernameDestkop gets wrong.

Looking up the shortcut which is in the files directory, editing the search path from the default (c:gamesviolenceiourbanterror)
to my game directory and the ioUrbanterror.exe file, keeping the stuff comming after .exe.
Testing to run the shortcut which works perfectly!

-back to .bat-
pressing key to continue

Fails to open the commandlist.rtf... wrong pathway. Exists in my q3ut4docs folder though.

Pressing key to continue

says its finished!

Loading up GTK radiant

Try to load Koth map, opens but shader images missing.
The default directory when choosing "open map" also was in urbanterrorbaseq3, which is wrong
Open project settings and add the fs_game q3ut4
Restarting GTK
Now textures has loaded! Kickass.
Lets try a bsp compile
picked on out of random... works like a charm.

Hopefully it will help someone... sometimes it just works wonders to type down what you do when you don't things to work... works with GTK just as well with any type of programming etc.

Now I'll be busy getting back on track again... alot of stuff to re-experience and learn :)

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Posted 04 January 2008 - 02:55 PM

Tnx for the BIG description, hopefully will help people :P

#18 User is offline   Nightcrawl (old) Icon

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Posted 04 January 2008 - 05:14 PM

So do I.

Some great work put into the .bat file and instructions. However, hopefully I've covered/highlighted a few places where things may go wrong :)

#19 User is offline   Wily Duck Icon

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Posted 13 January 2008 - 06:34 AM

Nightcrawl - thanks for the extensive documentation.

I'd like to create a new mapmaker version some time with various issues cleared up. One of the things I did for the mapmaker is attempt to make caveats more resistant to confusion if an issue did pop up. Attempting to create a .bat file that also helped spell out the actions required in case of difficulty was an additional challenge. I knew the mapmaker wasn't perfect, but with a bit of troubleshooting the batch file process-flow, one should be able to figure out where their path deviates from the given path before them and figure out how to correct the issue. Something like missing a turn but having signs to clue you in that you missed your turn.

Batch files do not play well with directory paths containing spaces. This nuance caused me a lot of headaches. Remember in Windows file naming, you can always shorten a directory/folder name to 6 characters + ~1 (progra~1). Radiant is built for a *nix Gtk environment, so a / (forward slash) is usually the way to go. It translates pretty well to the Windows environment, not having to worry about backslash vs forward slash (radiant translates).

Overall, the feedback to the mapmaker thus far has been overly positive, so I do apologize if you had problems, but as mentioned a bit of troubleshooting should get you past those problems. The point of the mapmaker is to eliminate problems as much as possible, so do keep in mind the exponential level of frustration available without the tools/procedures prepared in this package.

As mentioned in the most recent post of my site, http://gamedev.digitalamusement.com, Urban Terror 4.1 has impressed me with it's solid feeling gameplay, thus I'm encouraged to create an updated mapmaker and additional maps. If you, the third-party mappers, and the first party developers (Frozen Sand), are able to create a unique, fulfilling, and fun experience for the the gamers, then that which is Urban Terror WILL stand above other mods and games. Take risks, think up that which defies the norm, be extreme but not impractical. It won't take much after that to create a map that you'd rather play than another game you just bought...

#20 User is offline   {C9}Wolverine (old) Icon

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Posted 13 January 2008 - 10:47 AM

Will the newer one use Radiant 1.5? I switched (with some difficulty) and am never going back to 1.4. !.5 seems less laggy and while it may take a while to get used to if you've been using 1.4, its simply better IMO.

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