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[NG] UrT0 Bot - Mandingo v1.0 Released!!! Rate Topic: -----

#1 User is offline   Parantido (old) Icon

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Posted 02 June 2008 - 07:46 PM

Posted Image

Mandingo v1.0 is finally Released!!!

Thanks to many contributors Mandingo v1.0 is out, more stable, more features, easly configurable!!!
Let's look at changelog:

- New master commands mute and list. Use mute:<userid> to mute other players on the server. With list you get a userid list of current players on the server.
- The telnet authserver should now easier to use with Putty on Windows.
- Complete rewrite of the high ping kick feature. It now checks the ping over two adsinterval cycle while playing and three adsinterval cycle if client is loading. Writes a warning if ping is to high.
- Killing Spree and Rampage ending message if the player with this status dies.
- Playernames are shown in teamcolors (everywhere except on join and high ping warning messages)
- Colorcodes from playernames getting now removed.
- Created and implemented a ini file with all public say and bigtext messages. It is also used for some dstats messages, to translate output in the language you want.
- Reworked dstats completly. Added new template variables to show current map name, time and date, gametype and current round (in some gamemodes). Show falling and suicides in death column. Better message if no player was tracked.
- dstats can now write into a static html file (and overwrites the same file every update, round and game) or create every game or round (depends on gamemode) a new unique html file. Look into the Mandingo config file.
- dstats now work with FFA, FTL, TS and Bomb Mode (tested only with FTL and FFA).
- New argument "current" for dobacklogparsing. This new argument loads only the current game from beginning to be instant useable after starting bot (options yes and no works like in older versions).
- Some bugfixes (ex. Error message "Use of uninitialized value" in parse_flag()).

- Do Force Balance Feature is now activeable/deactiveable by urtoconfig.cfg.
- Lot of bugfixes (unallocated variable, uninitialized values, unused variables, wrong variable placement and more over) .... now Mandingo runs very clear.
- Auth Server Methods (MSN, IRC interface too) improvements.
- MSN Bot Keepalive Cycle fixed (somtimes bot got disconnected by network!)
- Seen Feature Enable: Master can see seen players (specified in seenplayers.txt) by Auth Interfaces Group (Telnet, MSN, IRC, InGame) or by email.(Against Fake or Nick Stealers).
- MySQL Feature: storing/compressing data feature enanched (now is really fast). 
- MySQL Feature: player info added, bot will check nums of played games and ban status (if a player is marked as banned on db mandingo will kick him).

- MySQL Feature: added support for local file socket (Speed-Up Stored Procedures).

- Seen Player Feature: extended to regular expression matching.
- MySQL Feature: Added master Frontend to query players list by guid and nickname.
- IRC Features: Added action handler to avoid K-Lines.
- Installation is more friendly.
- Mandingo Manual released (need a lot of works and a good english grammar :).

You can get it at:


Special Thanks
Mandingo v1.0 release is possible thanks to the following peoples

[NIW] Phob'0S - Core Developer, Bug Fixer, Tester
-=GF=- Stefan1200 - Developer, Bug Fixer, Code Improvement
Alejandro aKa Cojote - Bug Tester
[NG] Skarabeo - Mandingo Logo Designer
[NG] Blackdog - Bug Fixer

Have Fun ... [NG] Parantido

#2 User is offline   Woekele Icon

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 10:59 AM

Stickied this.

Hope thats okay, Parantido?

#3 User is offline   Parantido (old) Icon

  • Joined: 24-January 08
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Posted 03 June 2008 - 01:13 PM


Stickied this.

Hope thats okay, Parantido?


Many thnx!

Oh ... if anyone needs help about Mandingo ... feel free to contact me!


#4 User is offline   !@#LeSk8trE#@! (old) Icon

  • Joined: 13-May 08
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Posted 06 June 2008 - 12:32 AM

How does this bot work? and once i've put it into a server, will my server crash?

#5 User is offline   wraith4.x (old) Icon

  • Urban Soul
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Posted 07 June 2008 - 01:15 PM

LOL! this is just a wild guess, but i don't think he made the bot so it would crash servers... :lol:

#6 User is offline   !@#LeSk8trE#@! (old) Icon

  • Joined: 13-May 08
  • Posts: 67

Posted 08 June 2008 - 12:22 AM

im not saying that.
im saying, if i put that bot into my server, will my server crash from overload or something. rofl

#7 User is offline   wraith4.x (old) Icon

  • Urban Soul
  • Joined: 18-November 07
  • Posts: 1,374
  • Locationthe depths

Posted 08 June 2008 - 01:20 AM

no no i didn't mean it like it sounded....i realize he didn't purposely make a bot to crash servers LOL

what i meant was, was that i'm pretty sure the bot has been tested for this kinda thing :-)

#8 User is offline   Parantido (old) Icon

  • Joined: 24-January 08
  • Posts: 96

Posted 09 June 2008 - 11:07 AM

Mandingo will crash/trash your server ... after you'll starts it you'll find only a useless pice of iron!!!!

So, i'm jokin' ... off course!

Mandingo it's tested intensively by many users/admins/players, actually there's a lot running copies and it doesn't load your server at all (it's really Lightweight)

You have only to try it and report to me your impressions

Bye ... Parantido

ps.: sorry if i'm late, but i had some trouble to access urbanterror forums !!!! (Firefox Cache sux :D )

#9 User is offline   Parantido (old) Icon

  • Joined: 24-January 08
  • Posts: 96

Posted 10 June 2008 - 10:44 AM


Due to some missing development statments, latest Mandingo release couldn't works properly!

I've been resolved the issue by uploading the new version to the following URL

http://urbanterror.t...cid,92/lang,it/ (Pay attantion to "-patched" tag in file name)

After upgrading you're able to do following commands (by your preferred Frontend ... MSN,IRC,Telnet)

MySQL Management Interface
list banned
list dbnick <nick>
list dbguid <guid>
urtoban <cid>
urtounban <guid>

I've also enanched some features like:

Core - "canitalk" flag added, in case you think that mandingo stats messages are really annoying (then only administrative features remains enabled)

IRC Bot - you can choose some really populated ghost channels to avoid klines
IRC Bot - admins will be oped on login
IRC Bot - bot will try to automatically get op if channel get empty

urtoconfig.cfg have 2 additional tags, pay attention to add them in case of Mandingo upgrade

Have fun!!


#10 User is offline   SamSerious (old) Icon

  • Joined: 12-June 08
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Posted 12 June 2008 - 08:17 PM

hi Parantido!

first of all thanks for your job.

I am having some problems to make it work... a few of them actually solved (i don't really know how!)

Right now every think looks fine but there is no bot when i connect to the server (localhost), it's just me playing and nobody else.

can u help me?

PD: Authentication Server is working, i connected via telnet, requested a token and connected in-game... and was able to send some rcon commands successfully.

am i missing some step?

I get this when executing "UrtBot.pl":

MSN 2.0 (01/21/2005) Rev: 84  - Checksum: 60095-NS33162-SB21003

Connection successfull established!
Starting Authentication Server ... Authentication Server successfully started!!
Warning: Old Log Parsing feature disabled, Mandingo will works correctly next UrT Server InitGame!!
UrT0 is now able to work in bot mode!!

tnx in advance.

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