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  1. In Topic: New Linux User needs help!

    28 November 2019 - 12:22 PM

    Open a terminal window go to the directory of game for example

    cd /home/$USER/Downloads    #Go To Directory
    unzip x Quake3-UrT-4.3.zip  #Extract the Zip
    chmod 777 -R                #Make and redeable, writable & executable in this and al sub-folders
    cd Quake3-UrT               #Enter in the Sub-Folder Quake3-UrT
    ./Quake3-UrT.x86_64         #Start the binary executable of 64 Bits version.
  2. In Topic: Dunnos - Command, UI, Bots, LAN

    26 November 2019 - 01:07 PM

    View PostYoorrikab, on 26 November 2019 - 10:41 AM, said:

    I have problems using the bots_minplayers 1 command, so I am not using this command.
    I do not use autoexec.cfg.
    To add bots, add lines to server.cfg
    set  bot_enable   "1"  // set "1" to enable bots or set "0" to disable bots on your dedicated server
    map  ut4_intermodal_beta  // What map to start with?
    exec bot.cfg              // Start bot.cfg

    The contents of the bot.cfg (add 5 bots)
    addbot scorpion 1 Blue 2000 One
    addbot scorpion 1 Blue 4000 Two
    addbot scorpion 1 Blue 6000 Three
    addbot raven 4 Blue 8000 Four
    addbot raven 1 Blue 10000 Five

    I added scorpion and raven bots, because only these bots have sniper weapons. Who kills the bot, takes it SR8 or PSG1
    To start a dedicated server, I add these commands to the server shortcut
    +set com_hunkmegs 768 +set net_port 27964 +exec server.cfg

    1 - The "server.cfg" is not ready automaticall by Urban Terror ?
    2 - Which maps recommend for the Sniper Bots ?

    3 - Well i set the follow manually in the q3config.cfg of Urban Terror :

    bind WORLD_26 "toggleconsole" //I can open the console, but i can't close with the same key i must press "Alt Gr + 4" (No keypad number) to close the console
    seta com_soundMegs "64" // Default : 8
    seta com_zoneMegs "128" // Default : 32
    seta com_hunkMegs "768" // Default : 256

    Or well, someone can give me example of how use : autoexec.cfg to load server.cfg for when i open the game automatically start a game with bots with the mapcycle active, and ever i join to the blue team or auto-join ?

    i think for the autoexec.cfg be something very simple like
    exec server.cfg

    in the q3cnfig i saw this options :
    seta cl_useMumble "0"
    seta cl_mumbleScale "0.0254"
    seta cl_voipGainDuringCapture "0.2"
    seta cl_voipCaptureMult "2.0"
    seta cl_voipUseVAD "0"
    seta cl_voipVADThreshold "0.25"
    seta cl_voipShowMeter "1"
    seta cl_voip "0"

    this can be very useful for me, if i decide play on internet with friends like in a Venezuelan server like :

    i assume to the use the microphone "VoIP" must be enable, but i don't know if mumble too must be enabled.
  3. In Topic: Dunnos - Command, UI, Bots, LAN

    25 November 2019 - 11:42 PM

    Well i dont know why the answer for the point 6, just dessapear when i quote the first answer xD.

    ^3WARNING: invalid cull parm 'front' in shader 'textures/tub/sn_rail1t'
    ^3WARNING: invalid cull parm 'front' in shader 'textures/tub/sn_rail1t'
    ^3WARNING: invalid cull parm 'front' in shader 'textures/tub/sn_rail1t'
    ^3WARNING: invalid cull parm 'front' in shader 'textures/tub/sn_rail1t'
    ^3WARNING: invalid cull parm 'front' in shader 'textures/tub/sn_rail1t'
  4. In Topic: Dunnos - Command, UI, Bots, LAN

    25 November 2019 - 11:05 PM

    View PostMr.Yeah, on 25 November 2019 - 06:15 PM, said:

    still works in 4.3, did you set
    bot_enable 1
    prior to loading your map?

    Yes my autoexec.cfg content is
    //In this file you can do settings that will be executed everytime Urban Terror is started. It will not get overwritten.
    //Lines starting with // are ignored.
    //Example1: exec yourconfig.cfg
    //Example2: set cg_fov "110"
    //Example3: bind x ut_weaptoggle knife
    // Activar Compatibilidad con los bots :
    bots_enable 1
    bots_minplayers 1

    and my bots.cfg content is
    //Urban Terror 4.1 Compatible Bots Automatically Add :
    addbot Boa
    addbot Cheetah
    addbot Chiken
    addbot Cobra
    addbot Cockroach
    addbot Cougar
    addbot Goose
    addbot Mantis
    addbot Penguin
    addbot Puma
    addbot Python
    addbot Raven
    addbot Scarab
    addbot Scorpion
    addbot Tiger
    addbot Widow
    //Urban Terror 4.3 ¿Compatible Bots Automatically Add? :
    addbot Adrastos
    addbot Bleach
    addbot Dre
    addbot Lollipop
    addbot Mutt
    addbot Nails
    addbot Oscar
    addbot Robin
    addbot Rock
    addbot Staple
    addbot Windex

    but when i use
    exec bots.cfg, do nothing under GNU/Linux inside the game, but if i put in autoexec.cfg just indicate "unknow command addbot" (like under Windows 7)

    xD SOLVED, i put "bots_enable" instead "bot_enable" xD
    Well i don't know why the another answer, dissapear :(

    and the another thing i fix for GNU/Linux client was the :
    bind WORLD_26 "toggleconsole"

    to make it work equal under Windows.


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