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  1. I need help with Startup CFG

    28 November 2019 - 12:34 PM

    Hi there i need help with the follow things

    1 - in the file "q3config.cfg" i set manually
    bind WORLD_26 "toggleconsole"

    The thing is i can open the console, but with the same key (on my spanish keyboard is the key just at the left side of the 1 and above of the TAB key, and below of ESC key) i can't close the console i must press Alt Gr + 4 ( ~ ) for close the console.

    2 - Well apart of the Keybinding WORLD_26, i want when i start the binary executable of Urban Terror 4.3 (Is the currently i am using) automatically, start a server with bots, and start the mapcycle, and ever join me to the blue team or "Auto - Join"

    Someone had example how i should set my files :


    well at the moment i just had autoexec.cfg :
    //In this file you can do settings that will be executed everytime Urban Terror is started. It will not get overwritten.
    //Lines starting with // are ignored.
    //Example1: exec yourconfig.cfg
    //Example2: set cg_fov "110"
    //Example3: bind x ut_weaptoggle knife
    // Activar Compatibilidad con los bots :
    bot_enable 1
    bot_minplayers 1
    // Activar Ciclado de Mapas personalizados
    g_mapcycle "mapcycle.txt"

    //Urban Terror 4.1 Compatible Bots Automatically Add :
    addbot Boa
    addbot Cheetah
    addbot Chiken
    addbot Cobra
    addbot Cockroach
    addbot Cougar
    addbot Goose
    addbot Mantis
    addbot Penguin
    addbot Puma
    addbot Python
    addbot Raven
    addbot Scarab
    addbot Scorpion
    addbot Tiger
    addbot Widow
    //Urban Terror 4.3 ¿Compatible Bots Automatically Add? :
    addbot Adrastos
    addbot Bleach
    addbot Dre
    addbot Lollipop
    addbot Mutt
    addbot Nails
    addbot Oscar
    addbot Robin
    addbot Rock
    addbot Staple
    addbot Windex

    // Mapas que soportan BOTS de Urban Terror 4.X
    // • Abbey
    // • Algiers
    // • Austria
    // • Dressing room
    // • Firing Range
    // • Mandolin *
    // • Riyadh
    // • Prague*
    // • Toxic*
    // • Uptown
    // Ciclado de Mapas :
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: Algiers"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: Austria"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: Dressing Room"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: Firing Range"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: Mandolin"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: Riyadh"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: Praga"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: Toxico"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: UpTown"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3
    sv_joinmessage "Siguiente Mapa: Abbey"
    capturelimit 5
    bot_minplayers 3

    and the server.cfg at the moment don't exist xD i because of that i am asking how i can do this for a Standalone computer, just imagine is for people without Internet.
  2. Dunnos - Command, UI, Bots, LAN

    25 November 2019 - 05:49 PM

    Hi there, yesterday i had download the latest version of Urban Terror, let me give a breif of my situation, i am from venezuela, i had download the game, for LAN Party with my friends, 4 Human Players in Total. i went to their home with a pendrive with the game, extract in the 4 pcs , and well when i start some map in the latest version i notice the follow

    1 - I had open the console, and use /exec bots.cfg
    Output -> Unknow command addbot

    Dunno : Why the command was removed? we like play against 56 bots, and well this commands works fine in the version 4.1 (I still have it, because is the latest works like a ioQuake3 mod i found)

    2 - Why in the User Interface, don't have way to management bots like Team Arena ?

    3 - Its possible to use Urban Terror latest version like a Mod of ioQuake3? i prefer that way

    4 - You had considerate the Players don't have internet, and they use your Game for Fun on Intranet (LAN or Ad Hoc WiFi) ?

    5 - On the Internet Servers, its possible to Limit Found Games with the same version of client i am running? (Because i still use the version 4.1, because still works like a ioQuake3 mod, and i can use the command addbot)

    6 - When a server start, how i can do, the bots automatically adds when the game start, and if full, when a Human player join to the game, a bot just be kicked and make slot / free space for the human player ?

    7 - The rest its awesome, for me this is the unique things its need to be improve, specially the UI Bots Management


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