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  1. Recover old good maps.

    11 May 2019 - 02:10 PM

    I have already started this discussion in the wrong section, so I continue here ...

    So, after the last upgrade, the game lost 200 MB of textures, so some maps depict a flag instead of textures.
    This error is easily fixed. 15-30 minutes is enough. You just added some deleted textures from the old archive of the game UrT to the "textures" folder of this map. Usually after this the card slightly increases its size by 2-10%.

    Of course, you should not change the name of the map, but only add an index to the name of the map, for example, "f", which means "fixed textures" and add information to the txt-file of it map, that you just added the lost textures, but you are not the Author of the map.

    Of course, we want the Authors of the maps to restore their maps ... but almost all the good maps were built 10-20 years ago, now many Authors of the maps have forgotten UrT ..

    As already said, this is a very simple action to add textures to the old map.

    Big problem: many good old maps have low brightness on UrT 4.3.4

    Why is this so?
    I have no answer, but I can say that the maps from "Quake 3" it is low brightness, but the maps from "Elite Force" it is normal brightness on the UrT 4.3.4 ..

    Changing the "r_gamma" parameter does not solve the problem, the brightness increases, but the color and contrast deteriorates.

    For example, compare these good old (edition year 2000) maps padgarden.pk3 and padkitchen.pk3 from "Elite Force" for UrT 4.3.4

    Posted Image

    ... and these are maps padgarden.pk3 and padkitchen.pk3 from "Quake 3" for UrT 4.3.4

    Posted Image
  2. How to change the total number of bots on the maps?

    02 May 2019 - 10:18 AM

    My server is running on Windows 7x64 SP1. To add bots to my dedicated FFA server, I did this:

    1. I created the bot.cfg file and put it in the q3ut4 folder. Contents of the bot.cfg file:
    addbot scorpion 1 Blue 4000 alfa
    addbot scorpion 1 Blue 6000 beta
    addbot raven 4 Blue 10000 gamma
    addbot raven 1 Blue 12000 delta
    addbot raven 1 Blue 14000 epsilon

    2. I added these lines to some sections of the server.cfg file:

    set bot_enable "1"
    map ut4_intermodal_beta
    exec bot.cfg

    3. I created a cycle file for three mapcycle.txt maps and added these lines:

    timelimit 15
    sv_joinmessage "ut4_intermodal_beta"
    timelimit 15
    sv_joinmessage " ut4_riyadh"
    timelimit 15
    sv_joinmessage "ut4_dealey_b2"

    4. I created the “maps” folder in the “q3ut4” folder and copied there aas-files for unofficial maps.

    5. I added this command to the shortcut of the dedicated server:
    +exec server.cfg

    I started the server, everything works.
    Now I want to have 5 bots on the map ut4_riyadh and 8 bots on the map ut4_intermodal_beta

    What do I need to change in my automatic script?

    ... I don't want to use the “bot_minplayers” command, because I only need the “scorpion” and “raven” bots that have sniper weapons.
    Also, when using the “bot_minplayers” command, server errors occur ...
  3. Fixed textures for two old URT maps

    22 February 2019 - 01:34 PM

    When I play URT 4.3.4, I see texture errors on some old maps.
    Instead of textures, I see flags ... lol. This error was not in the old version of URT 4.2.

    I like the maps ut4_violentos_b3.pk3 and ut4_rivendel_b4.pk3
    These are beautiful light maps with gothic style and funny music.

    Unfortunately, in URT 4.3.4 these maps have no support...

    I added textures to these maps, so now it can be used in UT 4.3.4
    I also added aas-files to these maps to support the game with bots.
    No changes to the files that make up these cards.
    To the names of these maps, I added the index "f", which means "Fixed textures"
    Now these maps have names, respectively, ut4_violentos_b3f.pk3 and ut4_rivendel_b4f.pk3
    The size of these maps has increased, but only slightly.
    Maps of standard size 10MB and 11 MB
    You can download them from here:
    The copyright on these maps belongs to their former owners.

    I think it is necessary to make it a standard to add the index “f” to the names of old maps, if you added textures to these maps for use in UT 4.3.



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