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  1. looking for a pak file

    13 January 2019 - 03:43 AM

    If there are any server mods, or heck, just anyone that collects old maps. I am looking for ut_crenshaw_rc2.pk3 If anyone has it, please can you contact me here. Its pretty important. thanks guys.
  2. ut_crenshaw update for unreal

    18 October 2018 - 06:44 AM

    Well, I have the files from Crenshaw, and wow, even my updated version made in Maya, is super dated. I started that in 2005-2006 from a map made in 2003. I got it working first in the latest version of URT4.3, then I proceeded to export the current version into UnrealEd.

    It is essentially like starting from scratch. Most of the textures used were not high res at all. In fact most were .jpg unless I needed to create a shader for them. I did this to keep the pk3 size as low as possible. So this means I am going to have to basically re-texture everything from scratch. This is actually a good thing because back when I made crenshaw, I did a lot of digital photo-sourcing. In 2002-2003 digital cameras were not that great, in fact my Sony digital camera wasn't even close to what I have in my current iPhone.

    Hopefully this will go rather quickly. Mostly because Unreal is something I am pretty familiar with, I've shipped more then a few games on UDK. Plus I know this map inside out, I spent a lot of time on it in 2005-2006 updating it for a more sexy look with improved flow.

    I will start out with the raw geometry and build a greybox over the existing collision map. Since we don't have a current playable version yet, I'm going to have to use my best guess on what it will be like. choke points, fire cover spots, and flag carry times are going to be best guess.

    In the meantime I will start the long tedious process of creating all the textures, maps, and meshes necessary to make it look like a nextgen shooter.

    I will be posting here with shots and movies of how things are going, that way people will know that progress is being made. ;-)

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