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  1. Wishing you all a Ghoulish Halloween

    29 October 2021 - 07:35 PM

    Wishing you all a Ghoulish Halloween

    This Halloween weekend! grab your LRs, stock up on nades, and prepare to defend your life from the... whispering undead.

    Get online for fun with the community in some of the Halloween themed games:

    Risen From Ashes are putting the Terror into UrT with their Halloween themed map rotation!

    Map rotation: risenfromashes.us/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=768
    Server: urbanterror.info/servers/

    Become an Urban Gamer for a night, defend your might, your skill and most importantly, your living-dead teammates.

    When: Friday 2021-10-29 @ 22:00 CEST
    What: InstaGib cTF
    Where: /connect

    Let's repeat the fun with some intense InstaGib CTF (Infinite Stamina and Wall Jumps)

    Everyone is welcome!
    Join us on voice "General Chat"

    Fun with Flags Halloween Edition is here!
    You love to be scared?!
    Come and play with us this Halloween night, if you dare!
    We’ll have a fun and scary special Halloween mapcycle. Get ready for some Trick or Treat!
    Date and time: 2021.10.31. 22:30 CEST (UTC+02:00)
    Server: /connect ns2.sexyurban.net
    Meet and greet us on Discord, use our voice channels and chat with us!

    Although we do not support or recommend that server admins edit the logic of their servers, we cannot neglect the fact that the community loves some of these changes, so feel free to check out the Zombie modes!

    |EsP| Zombie9[Mod]:
    And there are probably more 🔥

    Don't forget, you can join us on the official Urban Terror Discord.

    link to original News #563
  2. Urban Terror 5 Mapping Plugin

    21 August 2021 - 10:11 PM

    Urban Terror 5 Mapping Plugin

    To help mark twenty one years of Urban Terror, we are pleased to announce the release of the Urban Terror 5 Mapping Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.

    The Plugin provides the necessary configuration changes to align functionality of the Engine with that of Urban Terror 5, and, a selection of custom Editor Assets (like Entities in Radiant) that provide Urban Terror 5 specific in-game features, such as, Player Spawns and CTF Flags.
    A demo Level is also provided, which shows and explains the use of each of the included assets.

    For mappers who take the time to start developing maps for Urban Terror 5, to a good initial standard, we will host submissions for our QA Team to test and provide feedback, and subject to approval, membership on the QA Team as a Mapper, to enable offline solo, or online group testing, while the map is being developed.

    The full list of assets in this beta release includes: Door, Container, Spline, Activate Trigger, Overlap Trigger, Random Trigger, Shoot Trigger, Media Manager, Material Manager, Animation Manager, Damage Volume, Location Volume, No Drop Volume, Jump Pad, Jump Timer, Teleport, CTF Flag, Player Start, and even an AI template with AI Rat example.

    Usage instructions and download link can be found on our Documentation Pages here: Mapping Plugin Documentation

    Join us on the official Discord for discussion and support.

    link to original News #560
  3. Q&A Feedback - Part 4

    24 July 2021 - 05:25 PM

    Q&A Feedback - Part 4

    Question and Answers

    The forth and final instalment of Q&A feedback, happy reading...

    Will maps from previous versions of URT be convertible to the new version?
    Maps from previous versions or Urban Terror will not be compatible with Urban Terror 5: Resurgence, however, there is a process that community mappers can use to convert their previous work into Unreal format which can be used as a base to build on; this process requires a lot of work, but does allow for layouts to be converted one to one.

    Will we be able to create our own maps and release them?
    Members of the community will be able to continue creating their own maps for Urban Terror, a few examples of work-in-progress have been seen on the Discord #urt5-mapping thread, tools for creating maps are freely available, for example Blender and Unreal Engine.
    We've been working on a Mapping Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 which will provide all of the Urban Terror specific assets and features required for the map to function (spawns, flags, etc.), and it is currently being tested by the private alpha participants. A few of them are already working on custom maps for UrT5!

    Will smoke nades work the same as in UrT4.3 with the gun flashes visible?
    Smoke nades will work the same as they do in Urban Terror 4.3.

    What updates are planned for the game, like innovation / gameplay / game mode?
    We are experimenting with innovations in movement, and discussing options for new or altered game modes, but at this stage it is only ideas as we need to prioritize completing the base game first.
    Once the game is out, we plan to keep on improving it with regular releases. Thanks to Steam, the update mechanism for both servers and players will be extremely simple and will allow us to push updates frequently.

    What is planned for the radio system?
    The radio system voices / commands will be the same as those in Urban Terror 4 initially, but we plan on adding new voices in the future; the system is also being reviewed to make it both higher quality and more streamlined.

    Do you plan to do competitive things like UZ/NC
    As a development team, we will not be organising competitive leagues, though we will continue to support community organisation of leagues and events as we have done for the existing game over the years.

    Will we get a stats function when the map ends and on a website?
    We do want to implement some stats tracking in the future. We're currently focusing on the core game mechanisms, but it is definitely in our long-term to-do list.

    Will there be a Linux version released at the same time as the Windows version?
    The private alpha participants are already play-testing the Linux builds of the game, and we have game servers running on both Windows and Linux dedicated servers, so yes, a Linux version will be released at the same time as the Windows version :D

    How will urt5 stand in terms of server mods, will this still be a thing?
    With regard to server mods, the code modifications seen in the current version will not be available, though we might expose more features to server bots that allow some extra modifications.

    What is the requirement configuration for playing urt 5?
    The hardware requirements have not been finalized, one of the later process is optimizing the game and maps, but for now, if you are able to run Fortnite then you’re good to go.

    Will there be bots? Will they have AI with brain?
    We do plan to have bots and other AI, although we’re still looking for an AI programmer. If you are among those beats, please reach out to us!

    Will there be a permanent ban from the game, and will the old ban-list be continued?
    Server admins will be able to ban by Steam ID; it is also likely that the current IP ban list will be carried over.

    I would like to buy the rights of this game, for what price are you willing to sell?
    The rights to the game are not for sale.

    What will differentiate between urt 5 & urt 4, like cvars or sensitivity?
    Everything is different by default between UrT 4 & UrT 5, but we strive to implement compatible features and settings wherever it matters most (e.g. mouse sensitivity).

    Will there be cosmetic customisation options?
    Custom cosmetic things like clan tag, weapons, dance, emote and so on, are absolutely something that we'd like to do eventually, but it is very far down our list of priorities for the game!

    Will the new version have new administration features?
    For administration, we believe that the rcon system is extremely useful on a day-to-day basis, so we've ported it to UrT 5 and we plan to gradually improve it over time. Third party bots will still be able to fetch live information from the game too.

    You can find the original question threads here;
    > Forums
    > Reddit

    We hope you have found these questions and answers informative!

    Please join us on our Discord

    link to original News #559
  4. Q&A Feedback - Part 2

    29 January 2021 - 09:02 PM

    Q&A Feedback - Part 2

    Question and Answers

    Continuing from the first instalment of Q&A feedback, we hope you find the second instalment just as informative...

    What maps are being worked on?
    When the game is released to the community, it will include a mix of original Urban Terror maps that have been re-made, and some maps that are completely new to Urban Terror 5.
    The official maps that are being re-made will, in most cases, have layouts as close to original as possible, though some may have been changed slightly based on feedback from play testing; the layout may also be different depending on the game mode.
    At the moment there are actually a lot of maps being worked on! It's crazy how a little team of mappers and modelers together can produce so many maps of high quality so fast. 18 maps are currently being worked on by the FS artists.

    Have there been any weapon balance changes?
    Weapon balance and loadout have not been finalized, but it is likely they will be mixed-up quite a bit compared to Urban Terror 4; community feedback during beta testing will influence this.

    Will there be more character diversity and inclusivity?
    With regard to character identity, we have plans to include iconic locales from around the globe, and character diversity of colour, ethnicity, and gender.
    At this stage, we have not made a decision to add user customizable characters and/or clothing, but it is an interesting option that we will consider at a later date.
    In general, game development is based more on community feedback as to desirable game enhancements over internal and subjective decisions.

    When do you think we'll be able to play a kind of Beta/Alpha?
    When do we think you will be able to play a beta/alpha, well, we are continuously bringing more people into the private alpha testing team. The current stress tests have shown some weaknesses in the game optimization that we need to address before allowing a huge amount of players to try it out. The last thing we want is another 4.2.001-like release with servers crashing all over the place!
    It is fairly reasonable to assume that we will be able to do a public release of the game during 2021. No promises, but it is our target!

    Did the wall running mechanic make it to the private Alpha? If so what was the general consensus?
    We still plan to include 'wall running' in the final release, it took some time for a few testers to get used to it, but overall the feedback is extremely positive; it might still be tweaked further before the game goes public, but so far so good. However, it is a material option along with grabbing and climbing that can be turned on or off, so it will be the map creator who will decide if wall running will be included in their map and which surfaces it will be applied to.

    Will there be a Pinging system like in Apex?
    We did not have plans for a pinging system, but the question started a discussion internally, we really like the idea. We have already included the 'enemy spotted' radio call, pinging of some kind may make a nice addition.

    Will we get events like retro UrT maps?
    Regarding events like retro maps and seasonal content, the ability to frequently update the game seamlessly will allow us to do such thing, yes. :) We cannot wait to do that kind of thing to be honest, they are very cool to do.

    Will the game be available on streaming services?
    Streaming streaming services like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now are great for a lot of things, but not really for fast paced multiplayer 'twitch shooters'; For this reason we do not currently plan to use those services.

    What about servers, how will that work?
    There will be a server system where anyone can create a server, similar to now. The server won’t need graphics requirements as it only runs the core game to coordinate the attached clients. RAM, CPU and network connection speed will be the key elements.

    Can you bind/macro like UrT 4?
    We have planned to add something like the existing bind/macro feature at some point in the future.

    Can we still disable/enable visual pollution?
    Being able to disable/enable fire/smoke impact, show zero visual pollution; this is to be determined, but visibility is important to us. Ideally all players are on an equal playing field with few visual distractions.

    Will it still have an Auth system?
    Initially the authentication system (Auth) will be provided through Steam, this may change or be added to in the future.

    Will it have a 'ranked' system?
    Ranked systems are planned, but might not happen for the initial release.

    Do you plan to update your website?
    We do plan to update our website; By the way, we are looking for a website developer… let us know if you know one!

    Will the interface have a report bug/idea function?
    It is unlikely the interface will have a bug reporting system, we considered the possibility to implement this feature for the private alpha but the idea didn't gain much traction internally. From experience we believe that it encourages low effort/low value feedback. The Discord and Forum are an easier place to report issues and we will open up our GitLab issue tracker to the public where you will be free (and encouraged!) to report bugs and to discuss ideas.

    You can find the original question threads here;
    > Forums
    > Reddit

    Stay tuned for the next set of answers in the coming weeks!

    link to original News #554
  5. Urban Terror 5: Winter Update

    11 December 2020 - 08:01 PM

    Winter Update

    The winter season is with us, and it is time for an update on the team as well as the first instalment of the long awaited Q&A feedback.

    New Faces on the Development Team

    Recently we welcomed two additional members to the team!

    We're delighted to welcome Clear into the team. A talented programmer and previous FS member who is in the process of completing a Computer Engineering degree. Clearskies has joined our team to help develop, improve and add to our core gameplay programming, and is currently hard at work refining our movement system.

    In addition, give a warm UrT welcome to our new Sound Designer, JHyde. Jack recently completed an MSc in Sound Design, and has incredible experience creating interactive soundscapes, experimental ambience and working in post production. Jack is working on the in-game map audio, currently focused on creating a new soundscape for the beloved map Orbital.

    Question and Answers

    While the Development Team have been working away behind the scenes, bringing Urban Terror 5 ever closer to public release, and the community members on the QA Team have been busy bug reporting and providing valuable gameplay feedback, we have taken the time to review over eighty questions submitted by the community to our Q&A posts; the original intention was to select a few good questions to answer, however, it was difficult to choose just a few, so the team have provided answers to almost all of them; we will post these in batches over the coming months, starting with the first set below, keep an eye on the News Board for the next set in a few weeks!

    Thank you for your patience, we hope you find these answers informative...

    What have you accomplished in the past year?
    In the past year we have progressed from having a working backbone of the game with a few characters, weapons and two or three of work-in-progress maps being tested by the developers, to having a QA Team of approximately thirty community members, a more robust and reliable game, more developed characters and weapons, and seven almost complete maps; in fact, so many things! Because of (or thanks to?) the COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year, we've been able to dedicate a lot more time to the game than usual. We are currently preparing our 15th private alpha release, with each one being comprised of several dozens of bug fixes and improvements, as well as many changes thanks to the testers' feedback. The use of Steam and continuous build and deployment really helped us speed up the development of the game.

    Will crouching mid-air continue to increase accuracy?
    With regard to Urban Terror 4 movement bugs that became quirks of gameplay, and whether those quirks will be reproduced; Our policy so far has been that we only reimplement bugs as features if they are either: required to recreate the feeling of Urban Terror, for Jump map compatibility, or because it is fun by itself and does not cause other negative effects. This particular quirk doesn't really fall into those groups.

    Will it have a spectacle UI; stream ; OVERLAY; function for see every player?
    There will be a basic spectator UI and over time we will build on it.

    Will you provide a tutorial or a video for newbie? Like how to move, simple mechanic?
    There will very likely be a few “how to get started videos”, we also have a Jump tutorial map almost finished.

    Will we implement matchmaking, ladder rank, division rank, etc?
    Regarding Matchmaking, leagues, rankings and alike; it is too early in the development of the game to make any firm decisions on these supporting features, so it is not possible to say what will or will not be available at release or at a later date, however, some discussion has started and we have a team member looking at options; the picture will be clearer as we head into the next year, and as that happens, community feedback will add to the decision process regarding the finer details of what the supporting services will include.

    Mouse input, will that be different or the same?
    All mouse input is raw and uses identical settings to Quake. Mouse acceleration is not yet implemented but probably will be at some point, and at the very least provide a Quake compatibility mode.

    Will "funstuff" feature in the game? if so, how will it be accessible?
    We like funstuffs! There are some crazy ones out there. We'll probably start fresh and gradually add more to the game, and surely get a user friendly in-game User Interface. Adding community-submitted content is not out of the question.

    Will there be knife throwing?
    Knife throwing is a feature we are planning to include.

    Will the Bleeding system be the same?
    The bleeding system will be pretty much the same as the current system.

    Will we be able to choose what protection we want to use?
    The idea of choosing what protection to use (Kevlar, leg protection + helmet protection + arms protection) has been a thought but no real discussion. Right now we’re sticking with helmet and Kevlar.

    What new features are there compared to UrT 4?
    We've hinted some new features in the past months, especially on the official UrT Discord where we post a lot of WIP screenshots and videos. Among them, vaulting, wall running, piercing bullets, jump mode ghosts, loadouts and more…

    Will there be an option to lower the graphics effects so people with less powerful PCs can enjoy the game?
    There will be several graphics settings, from Low to Ultra, as well as the range of screen resolutions, both of which will make a big difference in terms of FPS and map effects. We're trying to optimize for low-end hardware, but that low end might not reach the 20 years old Q3A levels.

    Will there be an Anti-Cheat system?
    Initially we will be using Valve's Anti-Cheat (VAC) solution; players caught by VAC will have their Steam accounts banned by Valve. We have also just added 'IP Blocking'.

    Will the game have things to purchase?
    Having things to purchase in-game like player skins and weapons skins is absolutely something that we'd like to do eventually, but it is very far down our list of priorities for the game!

    What vision/plan for the future does Frozen Sand have for Urban Terror?
    Regarding a vision the developers have for Urban Terror; Since we are a team of volunteers that frequently changes, there is no single unifying vision. We all love the gameplay of Urban Terror. We love how accessible it is for new players, but we also love how deep and rewarding its competitive side is. There is not a single "right" way to play Urban Terror, and we'll continuously refine and improve every aspect of it so that no matter what part of it appeals most to you, you can always have a good time.

    Will you play your game?
    You betcha we will be playing the game, we're already enjoying playing it every day. :)

    You can find the original question threads here;
    > Forums
    > Reddit

    Stay tuned for the next set of answers in the coming weeks!

    Wishing you all well, Team FS.

    link to original News #553


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