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  1. UT in the 21st Century?

    05 February 2018 - 11:43 PM

    If the subject of porting UT to VR is already discussed please direct me, I am old and not patient enough to find it in a forum this huge.:rolleyes:

    Virtual Reality, no doubt more than a few here have one of the several different units being sold now. So at the risk of giving away yet another multi-million dollar idea: why not start porting this (and all other)3d rendered games to VR? Yes this and Quake(1 thru 5?)and dozens more that use 3d space to render the image on the screen could be ported to VR. Simple (relatively) add a second render of each frame from a different spot (right eye left eye)and you have 3d, port the controls to VIVE/Oculus/whatever and Bobs your uncle.

    Current VR industry is STARVING for content, and the Avatars of these older games are worlds ahead of the stick figure stuff most VR is still at. They also have lower polygon counts than the latest so wont challenge newer/ish equipment.

    Fallout4VR proves my point(rumor has it that actual change was 100MB of file added, control mods)


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