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  1. In Topic: Opening and closing doors

    25 September 2019 - 04:15 PM

    what always created similar "random" bind issues for me was the use of an english OS and a german keyboard,
    in which case i had the keyboard variants switchable on the windows default win+space, which was pressed accidentially pretty frequently.
  2. In Topic: roadmap to alpha?!

    26 July 2019 - 03:31 PM

    I'd love to do that in a kickstarter mentality but i doubt that could happen.
    It'd be more realistic if everyone of FS was paid $$$$ and working full time, but we're an volunteer team.We have lists internally and are pushing on (mostly internal) milestones, all the guys are doing a great (free) job!Helping hands are appreciated as always.
  3. In Topic: ut4_mellone_b1

    30 April 2019 - 02:10 PM

    Hello Momo,
    cool open mirror-arena ctf map, the texturing and lighting aren't bad, feels like HALO or smth.

    What feels off is that first of the scaling of the whole map is a bit too huge or rather way too open,then on every stair there's atleast one step that you can't powerslide or walk up on - because it's too high.Also the "Moon" in the sky doesn't seem to give the light direction, maybe edit your sky shader and increase the light roation by 45° clockwise to match it.
    I'd always discourage from using a "mirrored map", also at such a scale - but rather start a new one a bit smaller with an interesting layout.
    Innovate, Renovate, Keep going!
  4. In Topic: WIP ut4_abaddon

    25 April 2019 - 10:24 PM

    Hi Sneaks, great progress so far - even though the layout doesn't seem "competitive" to me, it looks fun.

    View PostSneaks, on 25 April 2019 - 10:42 AM, said:

    ...So to list things I could use help with:

    why don't some jpeg load in Radiant? (I use the Gimp to edit images)

    How big is too big for an urt .pk3 (I would have thought 25MB was big, which looks like what I'll end up with)

    Can I have images rendered with some transparency - a script

    I need reasonable rock models

    When I put posters on the wall, I use a thin brush with no draw, usually this doesn't impede the players movement when up against the brush. Sometimes it does.

    Okay let's work it out:
    • in GIMP you need to save the respective JPEGs as "progressive" otherwise it will create problems AFAIK
    • Some Maps have over 25MB, i know CPMA (Q3A Mod) Maps with more than 90MB, but less than 50MB is optimal nowadays.
    • see below
    • either you use a single rock brush and cut it up manually so it resembles one or you'd have to convert existing models (honor the license of free models)
    • either make the whole image including frame a nonsolid or make 45° angled clip brushes around - some image/poster frames might be more than the "ignored" unit count big.

    View PostSneaks, on 25 April 2019 - 10:42 AM, said:

    ...Making all of the images high (enough) resolution (300 ppi) which I'm maintaining, mostly 1024x1024 and almost every image was .TGA which I now see is a larger file size than a .jpeg for example.. just converting to .jpeg could more than half the texture file size which I'd be happy with right now.
    so today I've started to scale more of the the textures back where it doen't hurt, images get scaled in the editor anyway so it basically balances out. Then today I was converting the TGA to jpeg when I saw GTK Radiant 1.5.0 didn't like some .jpg Is this the moment I jump ship for a new editor? or am I doing something wrong when I convert the images (jpg and jpeg didn't seem to help - and I have some jpg already being rendered in game so it kinda stumped me at the moment)

    Yes you're right, TGA is bigger and less compressed, JPEG is compressed - in some instances 1024x1024 doesn't make sense if the texture repeats itself in the image alone, it always depends on the perception how close you can go.Also if you have different versions (dirtier, cleaner, etc) versions of a texture, sometimes you can archieve the same result with a "base texture" and a "decal" - that reduces file size, but might increase draw calls.

    View PostSneaks, on 25 April 2019 - 10:42 AM, said:

    Slimey walls - Can I have images rendered with some transparency - a script - I want to add more slime to walls, and still have the wall partly show through. The script I use to allow alpha is something like this -->
    	qer_trans 0.4
    	qer_editor_image textures/ut4_abaddon/mouldybottomdirt_1.tga
    	surfaceparm nolightmap
    	surfaceparm nonsolid
    	surfaceparm trans
    //	nopicmip
    //	nomipmaps
    		map textures/ut4_abaddon/mouldybottomdirt_1.tga
    		alphaFunc GE128
    		rgbGen vertex

    <--- so that script is great most of the time for what I need, but when I added slime and filth to walls the mask image is not transparent, it looks pretty horrible in some places with some images. Allowing maybe a 50% transparency would fix it.

    First of all, nice that you write your shaders properly and don't "reuse" other shaders - duplicate shader paths create issues - secondly, I'd advise use of the forum BBcode code block to make your shader more readable.
     [ code ] content [ /code ] 

    You're using "alphaFunc GE128" which indicates that the alpha layer values equal to and greater than 128 (of 255) get used as a "detection" for the alpha map.
    Here the explanation of the specific function in section 6.10 - and the problem, specifically "The difference is that alphaFunc is an all-or-nothing test, while blending smoothly blends between opaque and translucent at pixel edges." Here in the "Shader Manual" you can see in section 7 how that works - in the specific example the pjgrate1 floor grill cutout from Q3a - that one has alphaFUNC GT0 but also has rough edges.What you want more is alpha blending with blendfunc blend (section, meaning no "clear cutout" of the surrounding shape in the alpha channel of that texture.

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