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  1. New Server

    14 February 2020 - 02:09 AM

    Brand new spanking server open.. https://risenfromash...nfo/mcSmall.php
    4 vs 4 CTF
    /connect risenfromashes.us:27973
  2. Thank you from |RFA|

    25 July 2019 - 09:41 PM

    Thank you from |RFA|
    We are glad to have you playing on our server.. You guys are great!
  3. Looking for a map..

    09 July 2019 - 05:32 PM

    I'm looking for a map. It's prob in our Library but I can't remember name.. CTF of course. Ahh to make it simple.. You had to swim across a lagoon with sharks. If you touched a shark, you died.
  4. |RFA|

    25 May 2019 - 07:39 AM

    |RFA| is not really a clan.. We just needed a tag. Who are we? |RFA| is made up of members from Fallin-Angels who need a home when |FA| goes down on May 31'st.

    We promise a great map rotation, Any ping welcome, etc etc. We will strive to keep the memory of |FA| alive.. Same people, same mods..And hopefully the same wisecracking players..

    Forum.. |RFA|

    Server (up for testing..Full roll out on July 1'st) We show up in UrT server lobby as |RFA|risenfromashes.us
    Discord.. Discord
  5. End of an Era |FA|

    30 April 2019 - 09:37 PM

    Unfortunately, the time has come to turn off Fallin-Angels.
    This place has been a huge amount of fun for many of us and I won’t be dwelling on the times it wasn’t.
    Many life long friends have been made, and some we have lost.
    I couldn’t begin to thank all those who have helped to make FA what it has been over the years, but it would never of been the fun place it was without you all.

    A very special thanks has to go to Slider. He has done so much work here and no one will ever realise how much. He has kept an eye on all things technical and been the driving force behind keeping the server, website, games and forums up to date and functioning.
    So, thanks Slider. I could never of maintained all this without you.

    Also, to my current server Moderators, Rass, Rabbit and Tux. So much thanks goes to you guys as well. You have kept the UrT server troll and hacker free with your dedication. It’s because of you that people loved coming to the servers. Everyone knows that annoying players are dealt with and that’s what’s kept people coming to FA to enjoy a game.

    To my clan members, thank you. You are a great bunch of people. Your laughter and funny comments have kept me entertained for years!
    To everyone else, I hope you continue to make new memories elsewhere. Thanks for all your contributions to FA over the years. It has been quite a special place.

    FA has given me far more than I ever gave it. I have found some very good friends that I will know forever. And that is priceless. I have learnt so much about other places in the world, cultures, computers and ways to deal with people.

    Thanks again to everyone for putting time and effort in your own ways, into a place I never saw lasting as long as it has.

    For me, my life has changed. I have been doing this a long time and seen many come and go. It’s been challenging and rewarding and I wouldn’t change a thing.
    May 31st will be FA’s last day in operation. The server, site and TS will be closed after that.
    Good luck to all of you. I wish you all happy and successful lives.


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