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20 bans

alert Disclaimer: These bans are not official, but managed by the group 0X3C33
login/iptypelengthsinceexpires welcomedefinitive1 monthnever
tanguynot welcomedefinitive1 monthnever welcomedefinitive1 monthnever
miserablenot welcomedefinitive1 monthnever welcomedefinitive1 monthnever
dexterminationnot welcomedefinitive1 monthnever
sunomotorototonot welcomedefinitive1 monthnever welcomedefinitive1 monthnever
naturaltalentnot welcomedefinitive1 monthnever
atmonianot welcomedefinitive1 monthnever
malorynot welcomedefinitive1 monthnever
julieenot welcomedefinitive8 monthsnever
meritenot welcomedefinitive8 monthsnever
christalclearnot welcomedefinitive8 monthsnever
demoniaccnot welcomedefinitive8 monthsnever
antonio58not welcomedefinitive9 monthsnever
juliano58not welcomedefinitive9 monthsnever
sannot welcomedefinitive9 monthsnever
ayhannot welcomedefinitive4 yearsnever
poppylolnot welcomedefinitive4 yearsnever


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