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ClanBase [Retired]


24 bans

alert Disclaimer: These bans are not official, but managed by the group CB
selminhobanned (official)definitive10 yearsnever
plastikmen09cheater6 months10 yearsreleased
cheburashkacheater10 months11 yearsreleased
kirshcheater4 months11 yearsreleased
piticupaulcheater5 months11 yearsreleased
sp4rr0wnot defined3 months11 yearsreleased
gmznot defined7 years11 yearsreleased
ceacheater8 years11 yearsreleased
kosiarzcheater5 years11 yearsreleased
macko123cheater7 years11 yearsreleased
mackocheater7 years11 yearsreleased
wantedcheater7 years11 yearsreleased
tiestocheater7 years11 yearsreleased
scarrymancheater4 months11 yearsreleased
pipocheater9 months11 yearsreleased
fr3akycheater8 years11 yearsreleased
f0tcheater8 years11 yearsreleased
ayxcheater9 months11 yearsreleased
sgunicheater9 years11 yearsreleased
savocheater11 months11 yearsreleased
taanzcheater9 months11 yearsreleased
n0xnot defined3 months11 yearsreleased
skeletoncheater9 years11 yearsreleased
vortexcheater11 months11 yearsreleased

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