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PELOPES - Brasil


59 bans

alert Disclaimer: These bans are not official, but managed by the group PELOPES
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login/iptypelengthsinceexpires defined5 min3 yearsreleased
not defineddefinitive3 yearsnever defineddefinitive3 yearsnever defined6 min3 yearsreleased defined6 min3 yearsreleased defined6 min3 yearsreleased
ericonot defined6 min3 yearsreleased defineddefinitive3 yearsnever defined5 min3 yearsreleased defined4 min3 yearsreleased
negronegronot defined6 min3 yearsreleased defined2 min3 yearsreleased defined5 min3 yearsreleased defined3 min3 yearsreleased
markshallbr10not defined6 min3 yearsreleased defined10 min3 yearsreleased defined5 days3 yearsreleased defined13 days3 yearsreleased
renegado40not defined14 days3 yearsreleased defineddefinitive3 yearsnever defined30 min3 yearsreleased defined6 days3 yearsreleased defineddefinitive3 yearsnever
hachiman7not defineddefinitive3 yearsnever
delt4not defined14 days4 yearsreleased defined10 days4 yearsreleased defineddefinitive4 yearsnever
billabong25not defineddefinitive4 yearsnever defineddefinitive4 yearsnever
cardexnot defined14 days4 yearsreleased defineddefinitive4 yearsnever
claurunningnot defineddefinitive4 yearsnever defineddefinitive4 yearsnever
hypnotizenot defineddefinitive4 yearsnever defined29 min4 yearsreleased defined14 days4 yearsreleased defined14 days4 yearsreleased defined13 days4 yearsreleased defined5 min4 yearsreleased defined10 min4 yearsreleased defined8 min4 yearsreleased
sonywinsnot defined7 min4 yearsreleased defined10 min4 yearsreleased defined1 day4 yearsreleased defined5 min4 yearsreleased
genesimmons22not defined10 min4 yearsreleased defined5 min4 yearsreleased defined3 min4 yearsreleased
stryker86not defined7 min4 yearsreleased defined6 min4 yearsreleased

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