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Welcome to Urban Terror

Urban Terror™ is a free multiplayer first person shooter developed by FrozenSand, that will run on any Quake III Arena compatible engine. It is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism". This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game.

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Flawless UTCS Spring 2024 group phase games summary

in Devs blogs - posted 19 days ago by FS b0ciaM
FS b0ciaM: ‹image›  Flawless UTCS Spring 2024 season is about to hit the play-off phase. There are the last games to be played for the group stage and everything can change last minute yet. Lucky for you there are stream records available in case you might have missed some of the games. The detailed rankings can be found with the tables down below. Team Survivor:  ‹images› Capture the Flag:   […]

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Urban Terror hits the kitchen

in Misc - posted 1 month ago by FrozenSand

Hey ya'll!

An awesome little project has come across our desks today that we think would be great for everyone to get involved in and make it something special.

An Urban Terror Cookbook!

There's been that many drinks spilled, food knocked over and computers ruined that finally someone has decided to put them together in a good way - who says food and gaming doesn't mix? I personally love it when my sh*t seizes from the things I've spilt - it's the best.

As much as we'd love to take credit for the idea, unfortunately we can't. The creative genius behind it is loveofthedark and she gets a huge high five for such an awesome idea.

An Urban Terror cookbook full of our own recipes and pictures from around the world? That's something that will take pride of place on my bookshelf without a doubt.

It will be available digitally for free, BUT for a small amount to cover costs and postage you can have yourself a hard copy.

To get on board what you'll need to do is gather the information as numbered below, and send to lovely loveofthedark's email address given at the end of this post.

1 Your name (if you choose to share it) and/or your gaming tag and what country you are from.

2 A recipe and picture to go along with it and whatever story you have to share about the recipe.(If you have a cool picture or some artwork you'd like on the page instead of a picture of the food itself that's absolutely fine)

3 Any other info you want to share, such as your streaming channel or website - bearing in mind these things don't age very well so careful what you choose.

To get an idea of numbers please mention if you would like a hard copy.

Send to ---

[Tipeee] Developer News - September 2023

in Devs blogs - posted 1 month ago by FS Barbatos
FS Barbatos: This Developer News was originally sent 6 months ago to people supporting us on Tipeee. I write these posts with my own words, every month, mostly showing internal development screenshots/videos and explaining the latest features in the works on the upcoming Urban Terror game on Unreal Engine 5.  If you are willing to support the development and maintenance of Urban Terror, the posts are availabl […]

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Announcing the first quak cup!

in Leagues - posted 1 month ago by FrozenSand

A one week mini jump cup.

Not a jumper? Don't worry this cup will take place over 3 unconventional new maps where regular jump skills have little to no advantage and they are all as easy as possible to just play and learn the basics of.
Since all of the new maps feature new styles, we will also include a video for each of the maps to help explain how to go fast.

The event will run from 2024/04/29 9pm CEST until 2024/05/06 9pm CEST
One map will be released every two days until all of the maps are released, (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). All maps will be active to play on until the event ends.

More info will be posted on jumping discord:
and on the website:

You can also join any of the UJM jump servers and play the maps after the event started.

Community chamber #9

in Devs blogs - posted 2 months ago by FS b0ciaM
FS b0ciaM: Welcome back to another Community Chamber post. The last few weeks have been really interesting in terms of community creativity. We have had some very nice frag movies, jump movies and also a flashback from the past clip posted. Let's rewind some of them together!  I would like to start with quite a long upload from frHeMP called The Last Dance. It's a nostalgic frag movie bringing back the 2015 […]

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Flawless UTWC Winter 2024 Grand Final Games

in Leagues - posted 2 months ago by FrozenSand
We promised you more info about the Flawless Urban Terror World Championship series Winter 2024 edition, and here it is. We have the dates of games for the best teams in Team Survivor and Capture the Flag game types.

The clans that made it are:

eu Team Reverie`:
deArnoldus (c)

jp Team Kizuki:
beLocati (c)

All games can be watched on the TWITCH platform:

Flawless Official Channel

b0c1aM's Channel

The shoutcast will be available thanks to ukMaku See you there!


CTF match got rescheduled to another date.

Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 Play-offs

in Devs blogs - posted 2 months ago by FS b0ciaM
FS b0ciaM: ‹image›  We have now progressed to the very final stages of the current Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 season. During the last two weeks the teams have been competing in the play-off's games that will ultimately decide who wins in each category: Masters, Legends, Heroes. Let me quickly introduce the final rankings after the group stages for both game types.  Stay tuned for more info next week!

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Community chamber #8

in Devs blogs - posted Wednesday, 13 March 2024 by FS b0ciaM
FS b0ciaM: ‹image›  This episode of Community Chamber I would like to devote to Twitch streamers that have been really busy lately. Anyone who does not have enough time to play can hop in to the stream and watch some real time Urban Terror action in many game types. Jumps , pickups , public or even some mapping. Don't believe me? See these short Twitch clips that I have found interesting!  blazefantas […]

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