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FS Kalish
Lead Web, Auth & 2D

Registered:October 12 2008
Level: FS inactive member


Real name:Denis Bajram
Country: France
Location:Bayeux, Normandy

Urban Terror Office:

  • Lead Website & CMS Developer
  • Lead Auth System Developer
  • Lead Graphic Designer
  • Engine Developer
  • Webmaster
  • 2D Artist

  • He is the lead programmer behind the authentication system for Urban Terror.

    For that, he has created a new web content management system with Raider. This powerful CMS is now used for the Urban Terror website.

    Comics artist and writer, he is writing a science-fiction saga called Universal War since 1998. UW1 was originally published in France, and was translated in many languages by many publishers (Marvel for USA). UW2 has started in 2013. You can find more information on his website


    Head admin of:PowerBan, Snipers Gaulois, UrbanTerror Admin Alliance, Universal War
    Rcon owner of:Sexy's CTF, Urban Terror France
    Referee of:United Teams
    Member of:Beer Shooting Team, Frozen Sand Dev Team
    Friend of:Baguette Loverz, Best of Free, CasaTown League, Dangereux Guerrier Sadique et Épileptique, Head Shots Only, Urban Jump Tournament, LeelaBot, Mais Qu'est Ce Donc, PWNINJA, Universal Cyber League, Unity Servs, UrT Knifers, UrT-TV, Urban Zone League


    Account:Dev Team - Profile


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