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FS |HSO|RaideR
Company Director & Lead Web Services Developer

Registered:October 13 2008
Level: FS inactive member
Donator:high level


Real name:Robert Baxter-Kaneen
Country: United Kingdom - last seen in  Poland

Urban Terror Office:

  • Frozensand Games Limited
  • Company Director
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • General Secretary
  • Lead Web Services Developer

  • I have been a member of Urban Terror since around my 16th Birthday. From Player to Forum Moderator, Forum Moderator to Co-Creator & Programmer of UrT Auth. I took over as CEO when our current standing Directors @RabidCow & @BladeKiller stood down from Business Roles in 2016. Myself and @Barbatos replaced the seats.

    In real life I have spent little over 10 years in general IT Management positions. Working as a Senior Technical Engineer for 4 of those years on Enterprise Infrastructure Projects.

    I recently moved my Career track to that of a more Management path using my experience to help guide strategies on Infrastructure projects both at FS and my IRL Job.

    My duties in FS now encompass our Business side and spend most of my time for-filling our legal obligations and dealing with our Partners. I also try to facilitate the companies needs and deliver back the necessary tools to release UrT 5.


    Head admin of:EUrbanterror, Head Shots Only
    Rcon owner of:GROM, Snipers Gaulois
    Member of:Frozen Sand Dev Team, Interstellar Tribe, Team UK, Urban Zone League
    Friend of:Dark Ninjas, FSK405, Superman, Urban TerroristZ


    Account:Dev Team - Profile

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