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FS ThomasE-Warfare
Composer & Sound Artist

Registered:December 16 2013
Level: FS artist


Country: Canada - last seen in  USA

Urban Terror Office:

  • Sound Artist
  • Composer

  • Originally from Los Angeles, ThomasE-Warfare is now coming to us from Montreal and has very much been around music his whole life. Starting piano lessons when he was 4 years old and going on to complete both a bachelor's and a master's degree in music composition. Hugely talented, he won the prestigious SOCAN grand prize for best emerging composer in 2018 and continues to strive to better himself at every opportunity.

    As an artist, he is always considering the feelings that music can evoke in people physically, and is often a sensation that drives him to create his sounds. Many of his compositions have come from a spontaneous feeling of being moved, and he considers it his job to bring these feelings to life through music.
    He has been with FrozenSand for almost a year now, making original and high-quality sounds or music for Urban Terror 5. To achieve this he predominantly uses Logic Pro X which covers all his musical needs.


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