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in Leagues - posted Tuesday, 20 May 2014 by FrozenSand

UTSC is happy to announce that the sign-ups for Sr8 Only Summer 2014 have opened up!
For this cup, there will be a group stage to get the balls rolling and then a play off stage where the best team will hail as Urban Terror's best Sr8 Team.The tournament is scheduled to start on June 1st.
Further tournament details and sign up can be done here.
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in Website & Forum - posted Sunday, 18 May 2014 by FrozenSand

Our pet webmonkey has been buzy with his band of trained coding fleas to bring us developer blogs. The dev team will be keeping you up to date in real time with their own works on UE4 Urban Terror HD.

Feel free to subscribe to the RSS Notifications and if you want to support us turn off adblock for us!

Enjoy Here.
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Urban Terror meets Github

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 08 May 2014 by FrozenSand

For the past few years we have been using the forums as well as our internal bug tracker for reporting and fixing the issues on the game.
It was redundant and thus a bit confusing for our developers so we decided to look for other ways to work more efficiently with the community.

We are happy to announce that we decided to move to Github which is a platform we were already using for our engine and game code. Github comes with a nice way of managing issues and linking them internally to parts of our code.

Please take a look at the README and read the rules before opening a new issue.

This bug tracker is only meant to gather issues about Urban Terror 4.2. If you encounter an issue with the Updater, please go here, and if you want to talk about Urban Terror HD, please go here.

We are currently moving all the opened issues from our forums to Github, if you don't see yours please create it!
nb: while we always appreciate new feature requests, please note that we are heavily working on Urban Terror HD and we are probably not going to implement huge changes to Urban Terror 4.2 anymore.
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Welcome back to

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 03 May 2014 by FrozenSand

Three weeks ago this website was compromised, using the now infamous heartbleed security bug the day information as to this vulnerability was posted to the general public. All services were immediately suspended to protect them from further damage and have been down during this time to analyze the attack, restore deleted content from our backups and reinforce security measures.

As a result, we recommend that everyone change their password and request a new auth key as soon as possible. If you have forgotten your password, please use the recovery tool.

The Auth service will return on Tuesday, May 6th at 6PM GMT.

Welcome back, play nice and have fun!

Signups for UCL 1vs1 Cup April are open!

in Leagues - posted Monday, 24 March 2014 by FS BladeKiller

The Universal Cyber League announced the next cup in their monthly 1vs1 series. You can now signup for the 1vs1 Cup April which will start on Friday March 28, 2014.

Visit the cup page for signups and further information.
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ESL Premiership Spring 2014 - Enter the road to Champions League!

in Leagues - posted Monday, 24 March 2014 by FrozenSand
The ESL recently opened the signups for the LMS Nightcup #1 and the Premiership Spring 2014.
The group stage of the Premiership Spring 2014 will begin Sunday April 20, 2014. It's recommended to create a subteam of your clan for this event because the teams will be locked for the duration of this event..
As prizes there will be the Spring Award and several premium keys. Keep in mind that only the best teams of the seasonal premierships will qualify for the ESL Champions League!

While the 16 spots for the LMS Nightcup #1 on Sunday March 30, 2014 seem to be already taken players can still sign up. To get a spot granted it's necessary to confirm the signup via ESL CheckIn-System 30 minutes before the cup starts.

Please remember that it's necessary to enter your UrT-Auth into your ESL-profile. This can be done here.

Check the news on for further information and signing up.
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Moving Trucks For Urban Terror

in UrT Resurgence - posted Thursday, 20 March 2014 by FrozenSand

Well folks it's time for the moving trucks to arrive for Urban Terror. We have explored several options and finally decided on moving to Unreal Engine 4.

For the last few months we've been working on UDK3 (ie. casa screenshot which was shown on FB and Twitter) in order to "learn the UDK way" and everything done for UDK3 is already done as well for UDK4. You can read all about Unreal 4 at

This has a lot of advantages for us and our community. We have full access to the engine source code and we will be able to use Steam to distribute the game. As we learn more about UE4 we will keep you posted.
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ESL - Plans for UrT section published!

in Leagues - posted Monday, 10 March 2014 by FrozenSand
A successful test cup convinced the ESL to reanimate the former Urban Terror section. Now the plans for this section have been published.

The Nightcup Series TS will keep the layout of the previous UrT cups hosted by ESL. Once or twice a month there will be a Nightcup on Sunday evening. Team Survivor, 1 map veto and a winner after a couple of hours - quick fun! A Nightcup Series will end with a final best of cup.

The Premierships (Competition Modes Premierships – 5on5) will be a seasonal (spring, summer, fall, winter) long time event with a known layout: There will be a group stage, playoffs afterwards. Every team chooses their own map and gametype (TS, CTF, BM). One of the four Premiereships will be replaced by a Champions League later where only the best teams from the Premiereships will compete!

The LMS Nighcups will be a series of non-team based competitions on a regular basis. It's based on the national Knockouts of the German community and will bring Last Man Standing on an international floor.

Details on each event will follow! Check the news on for further information.
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Signups for ESL Team Survivor Nightcup #1 are open!

in Leagues - posted Monday, 24 February 2014 by FrozenSand
After a successful testcup Urban Terror returns to ESL. The first regular event will be the Team Survivor Nightcup #1 which takes place March 1, 2014 - 20 CET.

This cup uses the ESL Check-In system. Teams have to confirm their signup 30 minutes before the cup starts or their spot will be given to spontaneous signups 10 minutes later. Please note that players banned by FrozenSand are not allowed to play.

Up to 32 teams can sign up so hurry up!

For further information read the news on or visit the cup page. Click here to signup your team!
comments: Feel free to discuss this on our forums

Signups for UCL 1vs1 Cup March are open!

in Leagues - posted Wednesday, 19 February 2014 by FrozenSand

The Universal Cyber League is providing monthly 1vs1 cups. After a short break in the beginning of 2014 this cup series will be continued now. The 1vs1 Cup March is the 39th edition of this cup and will start Friday Feb 28, 2014.

Visit the cup page for signups and further information.
comments: Feel free to discuss this on our forums
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