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Urban Terror
Developer Notes: ASE & Lavatubes

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 11 December 2006 by FrozenSand
ASE and ut4_Lavatubes

I've spent a considerable amount of time messing around with the source to the Q3 map compiling tool, Q3map2. Bug fixing someone elses big and complex source tree isn't a whole lot of fun. I've eaten my vegetables though, so my "dessert" is that I've taken what I've fixed and built my own little showpiece map.

It's a quirky one-room terrain map called ut4_lavatubes, and it does alot of things differently then traditional brush-based q3 mapping.Probably the most immediate thing when you look at it is that it's really curvey compared to normal q3 maps. This is because the map is entirely constructed in a 3d modeling program (3dsmax) and exported into an '.ase' model.

3ds max -> Radiant

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