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UrT software (io)
BattlEye Support for ioUrbanTerror

in UrT software (io) - posted Monday, 26 March 2007 by FrozenSand
When using Urban Terror without Quake 3 Arena (using ioUrbanTerror), it's not possible to use PunkBuster. Although it's possible to have a game without an anti-cheat system, we all know it's better to have a protection from at least the public cheats that are out there.

We are therefore glad to report that the developer of BattlEye agreed to make BattlEye support available for ioUrbanTerror. It's not yet sure if it will be available as soon as Urban Terror is released, but it can easily be added later with an ioUrbanTerror update if needed. If this anti-cheat system turns out to work well, there's no reason to keep using PunkBuster any longer, which means the community will no longer be split up between old school and new players.

Although this is very good news, there's also a drawback. BattlEye works on Linux and Windows only. It does not support Mac clients (yet). The developer did say there's a possibility of support for Mac clients in the future, if a good Mac coder can help accomplish it. As a temporary 'solution', Mac users can play at servers that don't use BattlEye, or use bootcamp to play though Windows. We are aware of the great community members out there that use Macs and we regret that it isn't available for them from the start, but we believe the importance of having an anti-cheat system outweighs this fact.


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