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STA Urban Terror: Season XIV Coming Soon...

in Leagues - posted Friday, 01 June 2007 by FrozenSand

Start Dates:

The tentative start date for STA Urban Terror: FLAGS (CTF) is now July 8th.
The tentative start date for STA Urban Terror: FRAGS (TS or BM) is now July 10th
We had thought about using June 17th as the start date but after realizing that people have exams to write and the Holidays in the USA and Canada, the dates have been pushed back until after these have happened.

There are also various items that are still being discussed in the Announcement & Captains Forums that need to be taken care of before Season XIV starts.

These items include:

Maplists for both leagues
Choose either Team Survivor or Bomb Mode
Round times of either 20 or 25 minutes (TS or BM)
Whether or not we should have a 3rd Gametype
The discussion for these topics end on June 6th so please head on over to our forums and participate.

We're also thinking about the including of European teams. Depending on how many teams we have interested, we may do a seperate division. If you're team is interested please head on over to the STA site and express your interest in the Announcement forums or contact a STA Admin.

Thank you for your time,

The STA Urban Terror Admin Team




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