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Urban Terror
UrbanTerror 4.0 Released!

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 02 April 2007 by FrozenSand

Urban Terror files have been released!

Win98/Me/2000 & Linux users: also read the article below!

If you have Quake 3 Arena already installed:

Download and run the Urban Terror installer.

If you don't have Q3A:

Download and run the ioUrbanTerror installer and then the Urban Terror Installer.

Both the ioUrbanTerror and Urban Terror installers come in a .zip and a .exe format. The .exe files are recommended for windows users. Linux/mac users should use the .zip files. The .exe files and .zip files contain exactly the same data, the .exe files just makes installing easier. Win2K/WinME/Win98/Linux users also need updated BattlEye files if they use ioUrbanTerror, check the article below this one.

More information: here.


Urban Terror and ioUrbanTerror are seperate downloads. Urban Terror can run on Q3A or on ioUrbanTerror.

ioUrbanTerror (1-6MB):

FSK405: windows | linux/mac (USA)
Gamershell: windows (multiple servers)
SNT Univ. Twente: windows | linux/mac (Netherlands)
Vectranet: windows | linux/mac (Poland)


.exe: E4CD6FA2D8C59F2368698B0224A25A78
.zip: B04C192EEBDEE5A4BE6F33954E0723B7

Urban Terror (550MB):

Ausgamers: windows | linux/mac (Australia)
Dreamhost: windows | linux/mac (USA)
Extreme Players: windows | linux/mac (Germany)
FileFront: windows | linux/mac (USA)
FROservers: windows | linux/mac (Sweden)
FSK405: windows | linux/mac (USA)
Gamershell: windows (multiple servers)
Mr. Sentry: windows | linux/mac (USA) windows | linux/mac (Slovenia) windows | linux/mac (USA)
SNT Univ. Twente: windows | linux/mac (Netherlands)
Vectranet: windows | linux/mac (Poland)


.exe: AE488104F4B515C904CD5087ED6ABF0F
.zip: 4AEC86405B548B041686F92EB584CBF9


4.0 FAQ
Install guide

Other questions can be asked in the forums.

Don't use old config files!

Q3A users: Don't start UrT through the Q3A mod menu. Use a proper shortcut (see bottom of the 4.0 FAQ).

Have fun!


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