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Masters & Auth
Possible issues with Urban Terror master servers

in Masters & Auth - posted Friday, 22 June 2007 by FrozenSand
For clients:

There's a chance you might run into problems with the ingame server browser. You might not be able to contact it at all, or it may return too little servers. The reason is that the Urban Terror master servers have changed IP, but because of ISP's DNS caches, you might get redirected to the wrong IP. Also, because not all servers are correctly reporting to the new IP yet, it might show less servers. The issue should resolve itself in a few days, but you can also use the following temporary fix:

In the Urban Terror menu, open the console, using ~. Type /cl_master . This master server is slower, but should work correctly. After a few days, you can set it back using /cl_master .

For servers:

Server admins are advised to restart their gameserver(s), so that their server will start heartbeating to the master server again. It should resolve to 74.x.x.x, it shows this in the console/log after restarting the server.


There's now 175 servers reporting again, there used to be a little over 200, so there's still a few servers that need to restart, but it's pretty much okay now.


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