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Welcome to the *ALL NEW* Official Urban Terror Website!

in Website & Forum - posted Saturday, 27 February 2010 by FrozenSand
Dear Urban Terror Community, your attention please!
In preparation for the launch of Urban Terror 4.2, we are proud to present the new home of Urban Terror! As you can see, we have had a complete overhaul. So without further ado let us get down to business.

Urban Terror Passport / Single sign-on
From now on, you will have one and the same account for our website and forum. This account is called 'Passport'. In the future, your Passport will also be used for the yet to be released in-game Authentication system.

Existing users:
Your old forum account has been disabled. But do not panic. You can register a UrT Passport with the same nickname here. Afterward, follow the "merge your account" instructions, to get back all your forum posts from the old account.

New Users:
Register your Passport here. This is not yet required to play the game, but it makes sure nobody else claims your nickname and allows you to post on the forums.

NB: There is nothing to download YET! You are only getting ready for Passport, the game files are not available and neither is 4.2

You can also register groups, please visit the new areas of the website and you will see all the new website has to offer! Full docs are available if you get stuck.

Credits and Thanks

Special thanks to Kalish, Raider, Kalish's Wife, Frankie_V's cat, Bladekiller's mouse, The UAA, and all others that have helped.

So from all of us at the FrozenSand Web Team, have fun and enjoy the new website!

Please note: All Case / nickname violations / and error found in the naming on this site are being looked at. Thank you for your support in this matter.

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