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Urban Zone Summer Cup 2010

in Leagues - posted Saturday, 26 June 2010 by FrozenSand
The 3rd Urban Zone Summer Cup is going to start!

start: the 28th of June.

You can sign up throughout the event. It's a 12 week cup and each week has a special theme with its own set of maps. There are loads of custom map weeks too - if you're the adventurous type this is definitely something for you. The competition is in ladder format so you can play as many wars as you want.

Currently 45 clans have signed up, clans from the North/South-American and Asia-Pacific regions are also invited.

For more information head over to Urban Zone or join #urban-zone on quakenet

Feel free to comment here

PS The 12th week features new custom maps, so if you're working on a new map check out this.


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