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Preview - Suburbs Updated

in Maps & mapping - posted Thursday, 01 July 2010 by FrozenSand
The upcoming update to Suburbs provides quite a few improvements to the gameplay and overall look of the level, with Team Survivor and Bomb mode seeing substantial changes to overall playability.

Major changes to gameplay for Team Survivor. Roof access is more controlled to make the level as a whole less roof heavy, though there still is quite a bit of vertical play.
Updates to CTF consist of route adjustments and changes to spawn room cover.
Bomb mode has new bomb and spawn locations, and also has more controlled roof access. Fixed Bomb spawn bug.
Spawn points and flag locations have been changed for Capture and Hold. There are now three flags in Capture and Hold.
Targeted ambient lighting added to give shadowy areas simulated depth.
Updated all func_walls to match the architecture of the rest of the level.
Updated the skybox and added additional environmental areas.
Changed the internal configuration of the enterable buildings for faster egress.
Added more cover to gameplay areas.
Compiled with FS_q3map_Radbump_4!

New compiler modifications by Twentyseven provide radiosity bumpmapping and specular lighting goodness which stays crunchy, even in milk!

more screenshots:

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